things to do by yourself while you're single

Things To Do By Yourself While You’re Still Single

According to population statistics, people are getting married later and later in life (on average at 28-30 years old). In other words, the age of the single population is also getting higher. In a way, it’s great that people are waiting to get married; hopefully, they are waiting to find the right person for them.

In the meantime, are we as a population making the most of our single-ness? Are we taking advantage of our time and solitude? There are tons of things to do by yourself that build character and help you grow as an individual. When you’re single is the best time to do these things.

Things To Do By Yourself While You’re Single

The idea here is to try new things, for instance, a new sport or a new hobby or putting yourself in situations you’ve never been in before. Give yourself the experience of something new.

To Get Out Of The House

For many, this is difficult. We are used to having company everywhere, whether with friends or significant others. However, it’s important to do activities outside the home by yourself. Doing so pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you get out of your own head.

For instance, when I first went out to eat by myself, I was so self-conscious about the fact that people would stare at me and wonder why I’m at a table alone. However, once I did it and forced myself not to look at my phone the whole time, I realized that I wasn’t the only one dining alone. Also, no one was looking at me. It went a long way towards helping me relax, and just people-watch.

Some other things to do by yourself that you should consider, starting small:

  • Go out to a movie – this is super easy to do as you won’t have to talk to anyone, and it’s a dark theater, so if you’re worried about being stared at, no one will even notice!
  • Go out to eat – reference the antidote about this above. It’s only scary in our heads, not in real life.
  • Go out for a drinkmake friends with the bartender! Just because you’re doing things by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t talk to anyone while you’re out!
  • Attend a sporting event – again, this probably is a lot more awkward in your head when you think about it, but in reality, not a big deal.
  • Take a guided tour – whether you do this in your hometown or in a town you’re visiting, this is a great way to get out of the house and have someone else show you around. You can get started by looking for all the free things to do, such as free events, concerts, or free tours that are easily accessible. For instance, visit an art museum, the local nature center, zoo or planetarium, or the history museum. Play tourist in your hometown and schedule a walking tour!

Once you’ve done at least some of the above, it’s time to take it to the next level (or maybe you’re brave enough to take this leap from the get-go).

  • Take a weekend trip yourself – this is an easy thing to do. Find a destination near your home, hop into the car and go. Alternatively, find a city or destination stateside that you have wanted to see, and don’t wait for your friends to get on board. Take a chance and plan a trip yourself! Then take yourself on a mini sightseeing adventure and see what happens! Alternatively, you can slowly ease into this by planning day trips.
  • Take a trip abroad alone – This is the Holy Grail of things to do by yourself. Traveling alone to a different country takes a lot of courage, especially if there’s a language barrier. However, it can be one of the best experiences you give yourself.

There is no right way to accomplish any of this. The idea here is to get everyone into the mindset of cherishing alone time and making the most of it.

To Work On Yourself

There are also things to do by yourself that do not involve uncomfortable situations; they involve you getting well acquainted with who you are as a person, your goals, aspirations, and your genuine relationships.

When you’re single and have the time alone is the best opportunity to work on all of this; at this point in life, you are only responsible for yourself and can be selfish with your time.

By focusing on self-improvement, you are not only being the best version of yourself but also opening the doors to a better romantic relationship in the future. Or, who knows, you may even meet someone during your journey!

Some things to do by yourself, to work on yourself, during your single days:

  • Get into shape – you don’t need to be a model, just comfortable in your own skin and happy with how you look and feel. Take care of your physical and mental health through a routine that works for you.
  • Reconnect with friends and family – there is never enough time in the world for this. Life is short, so your single time should be focused on spending time with family and close friends because we all know that when we get busy with work and life, we fail to make the appropriate effort.
  • Work on your career – you have time to figure out what you want out of your career and where you want to end up. If what you’re currently doing isn’t suitable, now is the time to take steps toward change and bring your goals to reality.
  • Develop personal interests and hobbies – how many of us in adulthood have gotten busy with work, relationships, and just going out to a happy hour that we’ve neglected to develop hobbies and interests for ourselves? It’s harder to make time for this when you’re working full time and balancing work and life; however, developing this side of you is essential. It can serve as an outlet for stress release and help you reconnect with who you are. Plus, this is a great way to meet people with similar interests when you’re single!
  • Read – everyone should figure out how to read every day. A good book is not only a great way to bury yourself in a story and escape reality (should you need to), but it’s also super relaxing, can help you to unwind, and can be a great source of learning.

Benefits of Doing Things By Yourself

To summarize, and in case you need further motivation, these are some great reasons for doing things by yourself:

  • You go exactly where YOU want to go and do what you want to do–no questions asked
  • You eat and drink as much as you want–no judgments.
  • Don’t need to cook for yourself–yay!
  • People watching galore—who doesn’t like to do this?
  • Make new friends—never know who else you’ll see that’s also alone….much easier to start a conversation.
  • Make friends with the bartender–self-explanatory
  • No need for idiotic small talk–e.g., first date
  • Become more independent – especially true when you travel and have to figure everything out on your own
  • Come up with fun date ideas – by finding something interesting, you can share it with people you meet and see if you really connect!

On A More Serious Note

Be alone with your own thoughts—sometimes, those are enough to keep you occupied. Have conversations with yourself about decisions that are plaguing you, or calm down about something that’s bothering you.

Learn how to be comfortable with yourself–this is probably the most significant advantage. Often the hesitation with going out alone is a fear of scrutiny or judgment. What you’ll quickly learn is that NO ONE notices. If you look around, you’ll see that not only are people so preoccupied with themselves, but about 90% of them are on their phones anyway. Kind of comical to watch.

Reconnect with who you are – it can be very lonely when you’re single. However, make it a point not to waste the time you are given just to enjoy spending time with you. Date yourself. Take yourself out. Be your own best friend. Remind yourself of what you like and what you don’t like. Be selfish with your time and use it to find a place of contentment that comes with knowing yourself and what you want from life.

In Summary

These are all examples of things you can do and are meant to serve as inspiration as you progress on your own journey.

Does it get lonely? Yes, of course. Yet, spending your time alone in ways that help you grow will give you the satisfaction that you are not waiting for someone else to start living. Rather, you are making the most of your time, finding yourself, learning, and hopefully, these steps will help you meet someone that matches the person you are becoming.

So, take advantage of being single, cast your fear of loneliness aside and find things to do by yourself that help you grow. Keep your head up and relax into your own skin. Be kind to yourself, show self-compassion, engage in positive self-talk, and find happiness alone.

Above all, don’t let being alone hold you back. You’re just another person out for a meal and a drink, another brave soul who’s out to see the world on their own, who’s badass enough to be confident and comfortable with who they are and does not care what other people think.

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