Be sure to scroll through our requirements for publication. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to review and get back to you. 

Guidelines for contributing

We appreciate all contributions, but to ensure that TFP sticks to it’s mission, there are certain things to consider if you’d like to be published here.

For the Writer

  • Contributions are welcome from anyone. However, please keep in mind the readership of the female professional
  • Please include an author bio with your submission. If you have a blog or website, then please include the link to that site in your submission.

For the Article

  • The article/idea should fit one of categories posted on the site.
  • The article should at least be between 1000 and 2500 words in length.
  • If the article includes research, then appropriate links should be included.
  • If the article contains too many typos and grammatical issues, it will be sent back for editing.
  • If the article is noted to contain primarily self-promotion, it will be rejected.
  • You may include 2-3 appropriate photos to publish within the article or as a featured image (please provide appropriate tags for contribution)
  • If you have a website or blog of your own, you may include 2 backlinks within the article that will be honored as “do follow”. Any links noted to be sponsored or irrelevant sites/blogs will be removed.
  • Please send all submissions to [email protected] via Google docs


  • Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks from final submission to publishing.
  • You will receive the final link once the article has been published. 

Fine Print

Any submissions that are approved and published will become the property of The Female Professional. The Female Professional retains the right to edit content to fit the site as needed. You cannot publish the content on your own site or submit to any other. The Female Professional has the right to promote, syndicate and distribute the content.

Further questions or inquiries can be directed to [email protected]