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What started out as a personal blog a few years ago has evolved into the platform you see today. Contributors to the site are all professional women who have overcome hurdles, dealt with adversity, worked hard, and persevered to achieve their version of success (or are currently still pursuing it).

The goal here is to empower women to achieve their vision and goals for themselves. By sharing our stories with each other we are able to learn so much more and go further.

Women empowering women is a powerful place to be. The Female Professional can help.

(Information on the site is intended for educational purposes only and is not professional advice.)

Hey There! I’m Sanjana

(SUN-jah-nah) 🙂 I’m a physician anesthesiologist and I also have an MBA.  Over the years, I’ve moved multiple times for my job, dealt with disappointment, frustration and imposter syndrome; I’ve made friends and lost them; I’ve cared for sick parents and have coped with absolute heartbreak.

In the middle of all of that, I also managed to pay off my student loans, I bought a home, I’ve cemented my true friendships and I continue to date, travel and learn about myself. 

With my experiences in life, as a physician, as the CEO of a startup and with building two websites, I understand the frustrations and hurdles that you come across. I also understand what it takes to get through it and come out on top. 

When I’m not running around the hospital or blogging, I like to escape into my next travel destination, read, work out, listen to music, or hang out with my friends. I am a true foodie, Gin is my drink of choice, Batman is my hero and hip hop is my jam. 


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