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10 Best Travel Destinations According To These Women

For many, traveling is a way of life; for some, it can even become a love affair. For women, exploring new places can be a source of inspiration, self-discovery, and adventure. Recently on a platform, many women shared top travel destinations they confessed to falling in love with.

1. Barcelona, Spain

One person said that Barcelona is a city that captivates them, and they could spend an entire month exploring its wonders without feeling bored. The user also expressed her fondness for Valencia and how Spain is an incredible country, with the desire to see more of it, such as Sevilla and Madrid. Despite having a never-ending list of destinations to visit, they are thrilled at the prospect of exploring countries on other continents as well.

2. Paris, France

As they reminisced about their trip to Paris last New Year’s, an individual’s fondest recollection was of savoring a delectable Nutella crepe amidst the festive ambiance of the Christmas market. They then meandered through the city’s enchanting streets, drinking in the picturesque vistas and reveling in the leisurely pace of their stroll. The person further shared that it was a wonderful experience that perfectly encapsulated the city’s magical atmosphere during the holiday season.

3. Beijing, China

Someone else mentioned that they love Beijing and all the city has to offer. They particularly enjoy the delicious kaoya (roast duck) and the excellent shopping opportunities. For them, there’s nothing better than snacking on tanghulu and strolling through the hutongs. They also recommend visiting the Lama Temple and checking out Mas in Beixinqiao Toutiao for a good drink.

4. Mongolia

Another person shared their experience and recommended Mongolia as a travel destination. The person described it as a completely different experience from China, especially Beijing. The user praised the country’s rich culture and stunning scenery, particularly the peacefulness of the desert. The user also highlighted the opportunity to purchase high-quality cashmere at great prices.

5. India

A fervent traveler shared their adoration of India, specifically the northern region, that captured their heart. They highly recommended visiting states like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttarakhand, as they were their favorites. However, the user also mentioned that India’s south and coastal states are also worth exploring. 

6. Delphi, Greece

A user shared that Delphi in Greece was an awe-inspiring destination that made skeptics like them believe in magic and gods. Despite their lack of belief, they felt an unexplainable presence in the air filled with wonder. As the person walked towards the ruins, they couldn’t help but feel the significance of the location and understand why the Greeks thought it was the center of the Earth.

7. Idaho, United States

Another wanderlust-filled individual extolled the virtues of Idaho as an awe-inspiring destination for exploration and adventure. Despite being from the bustling New York City area and having traveled mainly to beach locations, the person found Idaho to be a unique and worthwhile experience. The rugged beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Idaho made quite an impression!

8. Germany

Germany holds a special place in the heart of one voyager who had the added benefit of lodging with family, affording them a budget-friendly expedition. The residents have bestowed the ultimate privilege of uncovering hidden gems of gastronomy and scenic marvels that are often concealed from typical tourists. The user fell in love with the country’s rich history, scenic countryside, and delicious cuisine and hopes to return someday to explore more of what Germany offers.

9. Philippines

According to another adventurer, the Philippines is akin to a new jewel of Asia, a place off the beaten track that beckons to be explored by intrepid backpackers seeking uncharted territories. The user highly recommended diving in Palawan, which they claim is breathtaking. The person also mentioned that fresh seafood is still delicious while the food could be better in the rest of Asia.

10. Malta

An outpouring of love for Malta inundated the thread, with many travelers gushing about their fondness for the Mediterranean island. One user, in particular, revealed their adoration for the idyllic beaches that adorn the coastline and the unparalleled experience of plunging into the cerulean waters for an incredible snorkeling and diving excursion.

The island also boasts great nightlife, with MTV Europe hosting many parties. The user also mentioned the island’s rich culture, with plenty of museums and historical sites to explore. They even compared the Maltese temples to Stonehenge, but with fewer crowds and bigger structures.

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