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Living With Intention: How to Maximize Happiness & Fulfillment

Living with intention can mean different things to different people. We all have our unique set of priorities that make life worth living for each of us. In general, however, intentional living requires defining who you are and then forming a life around your beliefs.

In other words, put your beliefs into practice.

If you believe in experiences over things, then be intentional about spending your money accordingly.

If you believe that time is more important than money, make every effort to spend time with those who matter or give your time to those in need.

If being happy means seeing the world, then make travel a priority.

What Living With Intention Is Not

The examples above describe different beliefs and lifestyles but doesn’t touch upon one important point. They have nothing to do with your neighbors. Living with intention is not about one-upping your neighbors or showing the world you’re better than them. Living with intention requires you to ignore what everyone else is doing.

No keeping up with the Jones’s. No, comparing your path in life to others. No worrying about what the world thinks about you and your choices.

Living With Intention Requires Simplification

You remove the unnecessary by focusing on your own needs, goals, and desires in life. You save money by not buying things you don’t need; you save time by not worrying about anyone else; and you decrease stress by living a life that actually makes you happy.

Some Tips For Living With Intention

There are many mental heath benefits to putting this lifestyle choice into practice. Here are some tips to help get started.

Some things are universal when it comes to ensuring happiness and fulfillment.

People – Make time for those that truly matter. This could be spouses, parents, siblings, kids, and real friends. Remove or reduce time with people who drain your energy; spend less effort on friends who don’t return the favor.

Health and Fitness – Make time for taking care of yourself and your health. Health is the only real wealth we have, and preventing illness is much easier than treating one. Exercise regularly, eat whole, fresh foods, and be sure to get plenty of sleep!

Financial Security – Pay yourself first, then play with the money you have left over. A sound financial approach to life will provide you with security in the future and give you the financial flexibility to pursue your interests in the present. Invest in retirement and the market; have a rainy day fund; keep your debts and expenses low; the rest will fall into place.

Once the basics are covered, consider the aspects of yourself that make you, you. Your unique personality, preferences, and likes/dislikes shape your identity. They likely also impact what you prioritize and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Get to know yourself and focus on the things that bring you joy. Marie Kondo your life when it comes to how you live and where you spend your time and money. Doing this will keep you on the path you’re meant to be on and prevent you from getting bogged down in what society says you should do.

Another way to think of living with intention is a regular mindfulness practice. Mindfulness allows you to focus on the present. Intentional living allows you to focus on what you do in the present that brings you joy and gives you purpose.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong way to live with intention. There is only the way you see fit to tailor your lifestyle and choices to suit your needs and desires. Only you can decide what matters and only you can say no to things that don’t serve you and drain your energy.

So, take charge of what matters to you and live with intention. Your life will have more meaning because of it.

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