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10 Simple Tips to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence is a quality that many people strive for, but it can be challenging to attain. Recently on a platform, many individuals shared their insights on becoming confident. From cutting their hair to pursuing higher education, their stories offer a range of approaches to building self-assurance.

1. Beyond Validation: Pursuing Personal Growth

The first person shared that they have stopped seeking validation from men and now focus on personal growth. The person found that seeking validation from men wastes time and regrets. Instead, the user takes various classes and explores new things about themselves. The user is also saving up to pursue a doctoral degree, which they hope will further boost their confidence.

2. Free Will Triumphs: Overcoming Insecurities

Upon reflecting on their lack of confidence, one user changed their mindset by telling themselves, “You’re the only person in this universe anyways.” By doing so, the user overcame their insecurities and embraced their free will, allowing them to do whatever they wanted without hesitation or fear of judgment.

3. Education and Hard Work: Building Self-Worth

Someone in the thread attributed their confidence to their education and hard work, particularly in obtaining their Master’s degree. The user said they take great pride in their accomplishments and do not allow anyone to interfere with her self-worth.

4. Good Friends, Great Confidence: Positive Influence

After being part of a bad influence clique during their teenage and early twenties, the user found their confidence through good friends. The user shared that after starting their studies and a job, they met friendly people who gave them a sense of worth. Losing their old group and gaining new friends improved their life.

5. Entrepreneurship Empowers: Financial Freedom Boosts Confidence

Another individual wrote that she started her own business and became debt-free. The person further shared that money can’t buy happiness but can provide the freedom and power to make choices. The person believes that starting their own business has given them the confidence and independence to pursue their dreams.

6. Different Strokes: From Body Insecurity to Self-Acceptance

A heartfelt confession revealed that a person battled with body insecurity for years, yet their inner self, brimming with confidence and personality, remained unshakable. However, as time passed, the user started to gain more physical confidence by realizing that different people are attracted to different things.

The person saw that no matter what they looked like, there would always be someone who found them attractive, which helped them feel more confident in their skin.

7. Stepping Out, Speaking Up: Lessons in Confidence

An individual shared that their journey toward becoming a confident woman resulted from many years of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. The individual learned to speak up even when afraid and walked away from people and things that no longer served them.

8. Scissors & Eyeliner: A Beauty Transformation

Amidst the chatter, one user spilled the beans that taking scissors to their locks and dyeing them solo brought a renewed sense of self-assurance. And that’s not all; they also mastered the art of eyeliner for hooded eyes, further elevating their makeup game.

The user further expressed that feeling beautiful boosts their confidence, so whether they make good or bad decisions, they still feel good about themselves.

9. Mistakes and Self-Improvement: The Journey to Confidence

Someone specifically responded that their journey to becoming a confident woman was full of mistakes and lessons. The user admitted to getting into bad relationships and making foolish decisions.

However, they realized they couldn’t learn from their mistakes if they didn’t allow themselves to make any mistakes. Eventually, the person learned the importance of dedicating themselves to self-improvement and treating others with kindness without expecting anything in return.

10. Fake It Till You Make It: Projecting Confidence for Self-Assurance

Finally, a user shared their experience of realizing the confidence of many people around them, despite their incompetence. The user adopted the “fake it till you make it” strategy and project confidence, even when they didn’t feel it themselves. This approach allowed them to develop their confidence slowly over time.

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