channel your inner Harvey Specter

Why You Should Channel Your Inner Harvey Specter.

If you need something to binge-watch, I highly recommend “Suits.”  It’s a show about corporate lawyers, the cases they fight, their personal drama, and the professional ambitions that drive them.

The main character is Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht), a Harvard Law School-educated badass who always wins, walks with confidence, and dresses to impress.  To top it off, he’s super good-looking and charming, with the occasional asshole move in his back pocket to get his way.

The Premise Of The Show

Harvey Specter, a senior partner at a law firm in New York City, hires Mike, a college dropout with no law degree, as his junior assistant. Mike has a photographic memory, and so knows everything about the law. Harvey finds out Mike isn’t a law school graduate, but he loves his style and personality and hires him anyway.

What follows is a crazy story with great characters and varied storylines that keep you interested and entertained for 8 seasons.

Watching the show, and watching this character specifically, makes me want to move back to New York City, buy a bunch of stilettos, revamp my wardrobe and be my own badass self working in the major leagues and cutting multi-million dollar deals.

What Makes Harvey Specter So Great

There are plenty of other great characters in the show, all of whom have many of the same characteristics: Harvard Law Graduates; well dressed; ambitious, with goals to be made name partner or the firm’s managing partner. 

What sets Harvey Specter apart, though, is his underlying personality.  He’s not only fiercely loyal but does everything he can to keep his word;  when he can’t keep it, he works hard to make up for it. 

He knows exactly who he is, his capabilities, and where his boundaries lie.  And THAT, I think, is what lends him his confidence and makes him so inspirational.

Channel Your Inner Harvey

Bringing out your inner Harvey Specter is all about the following:

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence is not just believing in yourself. It’s KNOWING yourself.  Knowing your values; knowing what you will and will not stand for–and then getting up and incorporating that into your life. If you know you’re living life in a way that’s true to you, nothing anyone says can affect you.

So next time you’re doubting yourself, think you don’t deserve your promotion, or don’t belong, channel your inner Harvey Specter.  Because if your actions are aligning with your values, then you’re already winning, and everything else will fall into place.

Stand Up For Your Beliefs

Sometimes you have to speak up and say what you think, no matter what anyone else thinks. Standing up for your beliefs, even if it’s just in a normal conversation where you disagree with someone and say so, can contribute to your sense of self. If you know who you are, and are willing to stand for YOU, then there’s no stopping what you can do.

Recognizing That You Are Unique

No one can do you or be you. Your goals may be the same as someone else’s, or you may do the same job, but your approach, style, and experiences are unique.

What’s unique is irreplaceable.

Stay Loyal To Those That Deserve It

Not everyone in your life deserves your time or your loyalty. You know who is worth your time and who isn’t. Be intentional about the types of people you keep close and invest in, including friends, family, and colleagues.

As Harvey teaches us, who you spend time with matters; the relationships you build, even casually, can affect you later. Be kind, and stay loyal to those that deserve it.

We All Have an Inner Harvey

How we think about ourselves, talk to ourselves, and know ourselves limits us.

So, figure out who you are, be nice to yourself, and don’t be afraid to show the world. We need all the uniqueness in this world that we can get.

Find your inner Harvey Specter and bring it out.

Be a Confident You.

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