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24 Best Travel Gifts (That People Will Actually Use!)

We all have those travel-crazy friends and family members who are rarely home. Instead, they are jet-setting around the world and country and making everyone jealous with their Instagram photos.

Finding gifts for these folks can be challenging. While they probably value memories and experiences over things, they likely would appreciate unique travel gifts that make their trips even more memorable, stylish, and efficient!

What follows are ideas for travel gifts that could apply to anyone who loves to jet set and explore. Many of these budget-friendly options will be really appreciated and are definitely useful.

1 – Jet Lag Kit

Jet lag is expected not only with international travel but also when traveling coast to coast. Jet lag can not only take a toll on your health but can eat into your travel and vacation time. Preventing and treating jet lag is a great gift! Your kit can/should include some or all of the following:

  • Pain killers
  • Sleep aids (travel sizes of over-the-counter options work)
  • Eye mask & ear plugs
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Lavender aromatherapy lotion (to help calm, soothe and aid in sleep)

Place all these items in a stylish travel kit that your friend can grab and go! This kit is simple to put together and provides continuous benefits.

Travel Accessories

Some of the best travel gifts have to do with the journey itself. You can opt to buy your friend some lovely, durable luggage or a travel backpack, or if that’s too much, consider accessories. For instance:

2 – Luggage Tags

Leather luggage tags are durable, not to mention stylish and practical. You can take it one step further and have it personalized!

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These tags are silicone and come in several colors, which also helps to spot your checked bags on the carousel.

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3 – A TSA Approved Lock

These locks are built into suitcases nowadays. However, if their bag doesn’t already have a built-in one, you can purchase an approved exterior lock.

4 – RFID Travel Wallet

Carrying important documents is a necessity when traveling. Help keep them safe and organized by gifting an RFID travel wallet. RFID blocking technology helps prevent identity theft by stopping card and ID scanners from reading your documents.

Many wallet options on the market can hold not just a passport but credit cards, cash, boarding passes, and other important papers. RFID wallets exist in all shapes and forms. You can choose from a high-end leather passport holder to more practical canvas options.

See which wallets are the best: 6 Essential Items For Your Travel Wallet and the Best Ones to Own.

5 – Packing Cubes

Any experienced traveler will tell you that traveling lightly is important. Help your jet setter do this by gifting them with packing cubes. You can purchase them individually or a packing cube set; they are inexpensive and are a great way to stay organized and save space.

6 – Travel Jewelry Case

A travel jewelry box is a great gift idea to keep small accessories safe, and necklaces untangled.

7 – Collapsible Duffel

A collapsible duffel is just what its name implies. You can take it with you in your suitcase and then open it up on the way home. It becomes a great way to expand space and make room for your souvenirs and purchases from the trip.

8 – Digital Luggage Scale

Some airlines have strict weight limits for checked bags and carry-on items. Handheld digital luggage scales can help you weigh your luggage before you get to the airport and avoid unexpected fees.

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9 – Universal Adapter

Universal adapters have different prongs for different plugin sockets, plus two USB ports (or more), turning them into a mini charging station. Your travel friend will love this gift’s versatility and usefulness!

10 – Waterproof Phone Case

If the traveler in your life loves adventure, then a waterproof phone case may be just the gift for them.

11 – Hanging Toiletry Bag

Different areas of the world provide varying levels of comfort in hotels and accommodations. Some may have small bedrooms, and even tinier bathrooms. Save space on the bathroom counter by giving the gift of a hanging toiletry kit.

These kits have plenty of space for all of your essentials, fit comfortably into your carry-on, and can be hung in the bathroom for easy access.

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12 – Pay for TSA Precheck and Global Entry

Make travel easier for your loved ones and expedite the way out and the way home by paying for their TSA precheck and Global Entry. TSA precheck helps skip through security after checking in, and Global Entry helps bypass the customs line on the way home.

Travel Gifts for the Airplane

The journey to your destination can take a lot of time. These fun travel gifts help pass the time in the air and make the trip more comfortable.

13 – Cashmere Travel Set

Airplanes are not comfortable. There’s limited leg space, arm space, it’s difficult to sleep, the food is terrible, and the list goes on.

Help your friends and family find comfort by gifting it to them with a cashmere travel set. These sets include a pillow, blanket, eye mask, and socks. It’s the perfect gift to bring a little comfort and luxury along for the ride!

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14 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones make great travel gifts to help the traveler in your life drown out the noise, get some sleep, and listen to their favorite tunes.

15 – Travel Pillow

Sleeping on a plane is near impossible for some people while sitting up. A travel pillow can really help get some z’s on the plane.

16 – Travel Gadgets

Consider a small tablet a unique gift if your travel friend appreciates electronics. They can use it to download movies, music, or books to read. An alternative option is the Amazon Kindle.

Another gadget is a travel-sized portable Bluetooth speaker. While this can’t be used on the plane, it’s an excellent gift for long-term travelers to use while living abroad.

17 – Spa Face Masks

Traveling can be really tiring. Help your friends and family feel refreshed with the gift of a spa face mask. They can use the facial treatment mask during a flight to relax, sleep, or brighten up before de-planing. These masks are also useful to relax in the hotel room at the end of a long travel day.

18 – Travel Safety Items

Whether on a solo trip or with friends, it’s essential to remain vigilant and travel safely. Gifts such as a whistle or a can of mace can help your friend feel safe and potentially help them out of a bind. You can gift these as individual items or create a safety kit with more than one!

19 – Gift Cards

If it seems like your friend has everything already, then consider a prepaid VISA travel gift card. Your friends can use it as they see fit, to buy a nice souvenir or treat themselves to a nice meal.

An alternate idea is to purchase an AirBnB gift card; help your friends and family save on their stay no matter where they go!

Random Travel Themed Gifts

These are some travel gifts that are not related to the journey or a trip. But they are related to travel and can be a unique gift idea for the travel junkie you know.

  • 20 – Travel Scratch Map – for each destination you visit, you scratch off that portion of the map!
  • 21 – Travel journal – to document those experiences and stories!
  • 22 – International cookbooks – pick the ones for their favorite destination so they can make the recipes at home.
  • 23 – Framed photographs or paintings of their favorite spots.
  • 24 – Coffee table book – choose one that highlights their favorite area, or sights around the world.

In Summary

Of course, you must tailor your gift-giving to the person receiving it as everyone has different travel styles and preferences.

Hopefully, this list gives you some valuable ideas for any gift-giving occasion. 

Happy Gifting!

Featured image courtesy of unsplash.

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