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6 Essential Items For Your Travel Wallet

When you travel, there’s an entire checklist of travel items to keep in mind to take with you or do before you go. However, some things are more important and indispensable. Those items should, I think, be placed carefully in your travel wallet. 

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What Kind Of Travel Wallet Should You Have?

A regular wallet will not suffice for your travels. Some features to look for when shopping for your travel wallets, include:

RFID blocking technology

You should have a travel document holder, or passport holder, with RFID blocking material, meaning it protects you from identity theft. How? RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification”. It prevents people from remotely scanning your information through the wallet. An RFID blocking passport holder contains a technology that creates a barrier and protects your information.

So, to start, make sure you have an RFID blocking travel wallet.

Is Easily Secured

I’d also recommend that you look for a zip-around wallet. This ensures that nothing falls out and remains secure.

Lots of Space

Further, a good travel wallet is one with multiple compartments or slots for your documents. This not only keeps you organized but also gives you quick access to what you need.


I would also consider one that is made of waterproof material, or that easily reflects water off of it. You never know what can happen during your travels. You want to protect your documents from damage as well. A leather travel wallet that has been pre-treated or one made of nylon can work well.

Other options like the travel neck wallet, or travel neck pouch, which is a fabric passport holder, might work and are a great option for keeping things safe, however, I’d be careful and be aware of keeping them dry. For instance, I’d carry a Ziploc bag with me just in case to have a dry and secure place to put my documents.

Travel Wallet Must-Haves

These items are must-haves for your travel wallet. Don’t leave your home/hotel/air BnB without them!

Travel credit card

A great travel credit card not only helps you earn points as you spend but also carries no transaction fees. This way you can use your card freely abroad without paying extra per purchase. The points you accumulate can be used for cashback on your statement, gift cards, or future travel credit!

ID/passport and Travel Documents

Your travel wallet should essentially be your travel document holder. Everything important that you’ll need on the way out and on the way home should be stored safely here. This includes your passport, boarding passes and any other ID you’ll require. I also keep checked luggage receipts here in case I need to make a claim.

When you’re at your destination, you should definitely lock these important documents up in your hotel safe, or lock them up in your suitcase for safety, unless of course, you need it for some reason (some tours will cross borders, or ask for identification in order to proceed).

In those situations where you have to take them with you, both of these important identification documents should be stored in your RFID travel wallet. As a side note, I’d also recommend you keep copies of both. The copies should be stored separately from the real thing.


Everyone travels with plastic nowadays, which is great and super convenient. However, I am an advocate for carrying some cash with you. I’ve often found myself in situations where a credit card is not accepted, or the kind of card I have isn’t accepted (e.g. American Express). I’ve even noticed sometimes that even though I don’t have transaction fees with my card, there is a fee put on by the vendor for using a credit card.

Vendors have to pay a fee to credit card companies in order to accept their credit cards. If the business is a small one, they’ll often offset that charge onto their customers. This can be a hefty fee at times, and something that is easily avoidable. Plus, especially if your purchase is a small one, do you really want to pay fees? That’s just a waste and can dig into your travel budget. In addition, depending on where you’re traveling, some modes of public transportation take cash only.

As my Dad says, cash is king. In these situations I outlined above, cash can get you out of a jam.

Travel Itinerary

While we keep everything handy/dandy on our phones now, I always keep a paper copy of my travel itinerary. The itinerary has all the info I’ll need- the hotel I’m staying at, phone numbers for the hotel, phone numbers of the people I’m traveling with, emergency contact info for my people back home, and the planned activities we have. In a pinch, I can bust it out and show whomever I need to if I’m asking for help or even just confirming what we’re doing next. 

Yes, you can do all that in your phones, HOWEVER, what if your phone dies? What if there’s no wifi to connect to? What if you’re in a spot with little to no service? These things do happen and can put you in a rough spot. In the name of travel safety, and being prepared, I highly recommend a print out of all that essential information.

Travel Perks Cards

If you’re a Priority Pass member, Global Entry or have any other perk, then those cards and documents can be stored in your easy to access card slots in your travel wallet.

You may be able to store this information on your phone, but I’ve been in situations where the airport lounge I was trying to access was not able to scan the code from my phone, so then I had to bust out my card.

Yes I have an unusual amount of technology issues in my life, but I think it pays off to have backup plans!

A Pen

Everyone knows that when you enter or leave a country you have to fill out documentation. How often, though, does anyone remember to pack a pen?

Some travel wallets have a little slot in the middle to keep a pen handy. I have a dedicated pen that I only use for my travels. I keep it in my wallet that way I always have it and never worry when its time to fill out paperwork.

Final Thoughts

The perfect travel wallet definitely depends on the number of people in your family that you are traveling with, where you’re going and what kind of travel documents you will need. It’s important to keep track of everything in one place and stay organized so that you know exactly where to look when you need something.

Depending on your budget, there are a ton of travel wallet options out on the market. Shopping around for the right one for you should be easy and also super fun. Who doesn’t like planning and looking forward to their next trip?

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