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10 Careers That Require Less Than 2 Years of School That Pay Well

Whether you’re looking for a career change or just getting started with your career, there are near-infinite paths for women. Not surprisingly, searching for a job that will guarantee financial freedom is atop the list for many people. While prevailing theory suggests that these lucrative careers are preceded by many years attaining specific degrees or training, there are actually tons of career paths for women that take less than two years of schooling – and all of them are pay very well.

1. Paralegal

When you think about it, working as a paralegal is the best way to work in a law office without going into debt for your law degree. One inspirational paralegal sang the praises of this career: “I have a bachelor’s degree, but many other paralegals do not. Firms will often hire legal assistants without degrees and train them. If you stay in a specialty area of law for a long time, you can make very good money.”

2. Histotechnologist

If working with microscopes and helping to diagnose certain diseases is something that excites you, you’ll be happy to realize that being a histotechnologist pays extremely well. “I did that to support myself during school,” said one woman. “Plus, you will always have a job because there is a nationwide shortage and it has been for decades. There’s a solid salary for regular histotechs, but travel histotechs can make $30-45/hr plus a housing stipend. That’s how high the demand is.” Any occupation that is of high demand and of high salary is a no-brainer for us.

3. Coder/Programmer

It isn’t the 90s anymore – the coding and programming world is no longer male-dominated. “Trade school is your best bet, most programs are short (6 months) and depending on your geographical location, you can make really good pay,” advises one programmer. So what are you waiting for?

4. Respiratory Therapist

Any job that helps people live better lives should be a possible career path for any woman. In this case, the time-value proposition for getting into these fields makes it all the more worthwhile. “I make $78k a year from a two-year program,” one therapist happily reported.

5. Dental Hygienist

This promising career promises plenty of money to be made but comes with one big caveat. “My friend makes 45$ an hour, no benefits though,” one person said. “Took her four semesters (2yrs). She found a job very easily.” We’re crossing our fingers that her friend found health insurance just as easily as she found her dental hygienist job!

6. Plumber

Much like computer programmers, the field of plumbing is known for more women than ever taking the plunge (ok, pun intended)! Although it’s a dirty job, hopefully, the massive amount of money you make will make a big difference in your life.

One woman put it all into perspective from a customer’s point of view: “Your pipes burst at 8 pm and you’ll be more than happy to shell out $150+ an hour to get them fixed right away,” she said.

7. Real Estate Agent

If you want to enter a field where there’s essentially zero ceiling to your earning power, becoming a real estate agent may be right up your alley. After a few months of training, all that’s left between you and selling dream homes is an exam. “If you’re genuinely good at business, motivated, and not afraid to fail and fail again, then you’ll likely do fine,” one woman stated.

8. Esthetician

Many women don’t realize this, but being an esthetician means a study stream of incoming that can top $40 per hour, all while making your own hours! “I have an esthetician license which took less than 2 yrs to obtain,” one woman revealed. “I do lash extensions and permanent makeup. Though I am self-employed, I make $40+ an hour that I do work.”

9. Corporate Training Facilitator

There’s been an obvious need for corporate trainers in the last few decades as larger companies realize that corporate compliance is more important than ever. “Get certified through a company such as Langevin Learning Services,” suggested one woman. “There is pretty high demand for qualified instructors across multiple industries.”

10. Fitness Trainer

Of all the jobs we’ve listed that require less than two years of school, a fitness trainer may be the most personally rewarding. The one-on-one impact you could have on somebody’s fitness (and life in general!) is immeasurable, and it doesn’t hurt to make the high hourly rate that trainers enjoy. “Easy to have a mix of freelance, employment, and contract work,” said one trainer of the career’s flexibility. “Especially if you’re certified in a niche type of exercise. Great side hustles too.”

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