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10 Major Things Women Don’t Get Credit For, and Need To

It is always a good time to celebrate women’s accomplishments worldwide. Women never get enough credit for the hard work they do daily and all of the thought and care that they give to others selflessly. “Women’s work” is frequently taken for granted, and it’s time to acknowledge all the extra work women are expected to do daily.

In a prominent Internet forum, members went to bat for women and let everyone know more about what the ladies put up with and achieved.

1. Asking For Equality, Not Payback

Women are understanding and tolerant, perhaps too much so, of the additional burdens placed on them. This commenter stated these facts and said, “For showing up every day and doing the same thing as men in schools and workplaces while menstruating, recovering from childbirth, going through menopause, etc., and yet asking only for EQUAL opportunities.”

This comment highlights how women could be asking for reparations or revenge for all they have suffered but have only asked for the scales to be balanced.

2. Woman Have A Higher Pain Tolerance

Even though women are called the weaker of the two sexes, that’s not the case. Women must deal with pain more often and in larger doses than men from when they are young girls. This user stated, “It’s known amongst healthcare workers that women have higher pain tolerances. Men are typically sicker than women when they have the same illness/injury—pain tolerance.

My partner was nervous about peeling a bandaid on his knee because it was too close to the cut. While I’ve had hair plucked and waxed all over my body, have gone through labor, have had intense menstrual cramps that made it difficult for me to walk, monthly severe migraines.”

3. Being Required To Return To Work Or School Quickly After Childbirth

People in our society don’t think giving birth is as difficult or dangerous as it is and penalize women while giving men full marks as fathers. One example given by a forum member illustrates how women pay the price for their efforts to return unfairly after giving birth.

A mother and a college student said, “My husband and I were in college, and I was pregnant and due at the beginning of the school year.

I let all my professors know that I would be out of class to have a scheduled c-section so I would miss one week of school to have my baby, and then I’d be back. My husband also took this week off to be with me and the baby.

We were taking the same philosophy course. The male professor had to be in his 50s at least. He told me his wife was a stay-at-home mother with all 4 or 5 of his children. My husband and I had about the same grades throughout the course. Ultimately, I was given a B+ and my husband an A. The professor told me I could retake it when I had less on my plate.”

4. Extra Work, Extra Labor

Emotional labor is one of the more subtle tasks women do without credit. As a commenter noted, “The moment you stop doing it, you’re too ‘modern,’ lol.” Emotional labor is when a person is made to feel responsible for dealing with people’s emotions in relationships.

Ideally, all of the people in a relationship would share these duties equally, but too often, women are the ones who are responsible for this in most relationships. Another woman stated, “I’m the one that starts discussions, does all of the talking practically, and I have to ask for apologies; otherwise, all the man does is sit there quietly with his brow furrowed.

All I’m asking is for some emotional intelligence, and it’s like talking to a brick wall when I need to assert myself after he’s done something hurtful.”

5. Who Takes Birth Control?

Dealing with the responsibility, and consequences, of taking birth control. Women are unfairly expected to take on most responsibility for family planning.

Without women taking the lead by taking birth control pills or insisting that men wear condoms, many more unplanned pregnancies would happen. A commenter told of how her ex-boyfriend manipulated her into going on the Pill, “My ex would complain he didn’t like using condoms.

He would exaggerate and act like he felt nothing (and I know it isn’t bc of my anatomy). I got on the Pill. Within months, I was nauseous, had headaches, anxious, and had a low drive. When I canceled plans due to feeling unwell, he would get upset. Then he didn’t like when I was emotional and went weeks without talking to me.

Then when my libido decreased, he complained he couldn’t be with me anymore. He depended on me to reduce his stress, and I didn’t because I wasn’t sleeping with him enough.”

6. Making Men Feel Better In The Bedroom

This act is a public service that most women do at one or multiple points in their lives. How could this be? If you ask any woman if they are guilty of doing this, the answer will likely be yes.

As a female member of the forum stated bluntly, “Faking orgasms so as not to destroy his self-esteem.” and “Fake orgasms, fake moans, and fake positive reinforcement so we can hurry up and do something fun like folding clothes or do taxes.”

7. Appeasing the Male Ego In More Than One Way

Many women with a career feel forced to try to appease men who always think they are right. A woman talked about how she had to get professional help to deal with her boss and said, “A career coach helps me navigate the corporate ladder in a male-dominated field. My last session was about communicating with my boss because he sent me a mean email out of the blue.

This means I spend actual money to learn how to share with ego-driven men who can’t ever be wrong.”

8. Women’s Work Is Hard Work

Generally, it’s an accepted belief that a woman’s proper place in the world is to be married with children. Ironically, not many people appreciate all the hard work that goes into being a stay-at-home mom or a single parent.

Many men believe they are working a job so their wife doesn’t have to work and don’t acknowledge all of the hard work that a mother does in the home, especially when the family has children.

One of the most popular responses to this question was that people do not appreciate the work that goes into “being a stay-at-home mom or single parent.”

9. Women Are More Than Just Mothers Or Housewives

The job of being mothers and homemakers is thought of as the pinnacle of feminine achievement in life. But what about women whose achievements lie in other fields? More than one commenter noted, “No matter what a woman accomplishes, it doesn’t count as anything impressive because her only focus should be getting married and having as many children as possible.

If she does get married and has kids, that’s all she’ll ever be recognized for, even if before or during, she successfully changed the world; it will just be pushed aside as a side note if she’s lucky, and all they will focus on what was happening with her reproductive organs.”

10. Are Women Hysterical Or Peacekeepers?

Another myth frequently believed about women is that they are overly emotional or “hysterical.” so much so that women feel like they must stay calm and hold in their feelings to avoid looking like they are crazy, which is another frequent accusation lobbed at women.

Women deserve to be acknowledged for their even-handed dealings with angry people, no matter how it makes them feel.

As one woman candidly said, “We stayed as calm as we did when dealing with dismissive, rude, or misogynistic people. I want to scream most of the time but keep it in check. And, of course, if we show any distress, we’re being “too emotional” or “overreacting.” It’s honestly infuriating.”

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