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Looking For Unique Remote Work Opportunites? Try These

Remote workers are having the last laugh. The demand for remote work options has increased so much that companies have no choice but to comply. This is especially evident with the variety of job opportunities available on the market today.

After reviewing tens of thousands of remote and hybrid jobs, FlexJobs compiled a list of the 100 most surprising remote and hybrid jobs from the past year. The positions range from entry-level to senior-level and span across a wide range of industries. These professional-level positions are either active job postings or were active at some point during 2022 and allow employees to conduct their work at home either part of the time or full-time.

“Even after the mass adoption of remote work during the pandemic, many people still underestimate the types of legitimate remote jobs available in today’s job marketplace,” said FlexJobs’ Founder and CEO Sara Sutton.

 “But the variety of opportunities represented in this list reveals how rapidly remote jobs are growing and diversifying. The pandemic has encouraged companies to reconsider what kind of jobs can be done from home and reevaluate what positions are actually compatible with remote work,” Sutton adds.

Remote Work Benefits

According to FlexJobs’ Career Pulse 2022 Survey, 65% of people said they prefer to work from home full time, and nearly a third (32%) said a hybrid model is ideal for them. 

Many respondents cited the far-reaching benefits of remote and hybrid jobs, such as cost savings and better work-life balance, among the top reasons. The same survey found 45% save an estimated $5,000 a year by working remotely, with 1 in 5 estimating a cost savings of over $10,000 per year. 

Remote Work is What People Want

Who doesn’t want to save time and money and avoid a commute? Now that more jobs in more career fields are available, more workers are interested in taking advantage of them. 

84% stated that having a remote or hybrid job makes or would make them happier overall, and 87% said a remote or hybrid job would or already has improved their work-life balance

Types of Remote Work Available

So, what exactly is available out there? 

These examples are listed below in no particular order, and you can find all 100 surprising jobs on the FlexJobs database

  1. Physician – TeleNeurology, Stroke
  2. Endangered Species Conservation Biologist
  3. Undercover Investigator
  4. High-Intensity Fitness Instructor
  5. Celebrity Relations Manager
  6. Basketball Trader
  7. Footwear Design Specialist
  8. Senior Culinary Consultant
  9. Prop Styling Photographer
  10. Senior Historic Preservation Specialist
  11. Exercise Physiologist
  12. Veterinary Support Specialist
  13. Forest Campaigner
  14. Air and Noise Analyst
  15. Meme Master
  16. Cover Designer
  17. Director, Climate, and Food
  18. Basketball Scout
  19. Lead Food Designer 
  20. Voiceover Specialist
  21. Sound Designer
  22. Digital Painter
  23. Wildfire Resilience Planner, Forester
  24. Library Assistant
  25. Hero Care Specialist
  26. Home Designer
  27. Art Buyer
  28. Supervising Music Producer
  29. Gag Gift and Prank Product Developer
  30. Virtual Event Program Manager

Companies to Watch

The jobs mentioned above are interesting and diverse, but where do you go about finding them?

Several companies are currently hiring for 100% remote jobs. Here we’ve listed the first ten:

  1. Alight Solutions
  2. Amazon
  3. Citizens Bank
  4. CrowdStrike
  5. CVS Health
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Great Assistant
  8. HubSpot
  9. iMPact Business Group
  10. Kaplan

 From this list alone, you can immediately see the diversity of job availability out there!

How Do You Maximize Your Chances of Landing a Remote Job?

With such a high level of interest in remote work, it can be daunting to apply. The FlexJobs career coaches have put together a checklist to assist anyone starting the process.  

The Career Coaching team emphasizes the importance of being impressionable throughout the application and interview process. Especially for unique and surprising job openings like the above list, they recommend standing out from the competition by: 

1. Customizing Resumes and Cover Letters – Tailor all application materials to the company and the role. Write a custom cover letter and resume that incorporates keywords from the job posting throughout your documents.

2. Adding Personality to Applications – Finding something unique and specific to say about the company and position––like why you are excited to apply for the role––will help an application stand out from the crowd.

3. Creatively Solving Company Problems – Find out what challenges this specific company faces and offer creative solutions. Taking this approach demonstrates that someone has the skills to do the job and that they’re genuinely interested in the role, the company, and success in both.

4. Personal Organization – Working remotely requires managing your time and productivity well. Before you start applying, get organized by doing your research, networking, following up with contacts, and keeping up with industry trends.

Bringing It All Together

The workforce is changing. There is a new normal now, and it’s important for companies and employees alike to keep an open mind about what real work looks like and how success is defined and can be attained. 

Remote work is work; those working from home are not lazy; work-from-home jobs are not vacations.

The career benefits of remote work can also have real-life implications, improving a person’s lifestyle, happiness, and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Online resources, like FlexJobs, can provide information, guidance, and a starting point for anyone looking for a career change. Depending on the work you can do and the lifestyle you prefer to lead, remote work could be the answer you’re looking for.

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