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6 Challenges That Affect Career Goals & How to Overcome Them

Author: Emily Taylor

Everyone has career goals to help them grow in their professional lives. As we progress, we achieve some career goals and set new ones for ourselves. But sometimes, we face potential obstacles that we must overcome to grow our careers and achieve our aspired milestones.

In such cases, it is helpful to understand what these career challenges mean and gear up with the right skills to overcome them.

Here are six challenges or barriers to achieving career goals.

1 – Lack of Qualifications

A challenge you may face at the first step is a lack of qualifications. If you lack qualifications such as educational requirements or skills, then you must consider different ways to educate yourself and obtain the skills you need for the job you want.

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2 – Not Enough Experience

Employers look for people with relevant experience for some positions. If you don’t have a similar experience or have worked in a similar position for a shorter time than required, you can still tailor your resume to qualify for an interview.

3 – Lack of Confidence

Confidence is critical for job seekers. Improving confidence is mostly about your state of mind, but it also helps to pay attention to your appearance. Besides your qualifications and experience, how you talk, behave, and smile can influence potential employers.

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4 – A Gap in Work History

Sometimes, people need to take a break from their jobs for various reasons. It could be a health problem, being released on bad terms, trying to set up a business, or if you need to be a stay-at-home parent. Potential employers may question the gap in your career and may give preference to other candidates with no gaps – over your profile.

5 – Changes in the Industry

The business world is fickle and dynamic. There may be a change in your industry that challenges your career growth. For example, the adoption of a technology that you’ve never worked with, a merger of two industry giants that changes the industry dynamics, or a procedural change in a service-oriented field.

6 – Burnout

In the 21st century, burnout is a career challenge that is more common than anyone would like. If you have worked in the same job for a long time, you may feel disinterested or stagnated. You may face burnout within a year if you have a demanding job that compels you to work long hours daily.

How to Overcome Career Challenges?

Just because you encounter obstacles doesn’t mean you have to let them stop you. Overcome career challenges with these tips!

Make a Career Plan

No matter which stage of your career, you can start a career plan for the future. Layout the goals you want to achieve and define the skills or experience you need to achieve them. Take classes, complete a diploma course, or get a certification to expand your skill set. Research the qualification criteria for your coveted position to be an ideal candidate.

Make Up for Lack of Experience

One of the simplest ways to overcome a lack of experience is to network with the right people. Join clubs or organizations where you can meet people who are in a position to recommend you to a new job or mentor you on your career path.

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Boost Your Appearance

Look professional and put together. If there are physical attributes you have that make you self-conscious, then consider improving them. For instance, if you are conscious about your smile, talk to an orthodontist for corrective treatment. They can recommend the best way to treat gapped teeth, crooked teeth, or gummy smiles.

How you feel about yourself can boost your self-confidence. Don’t underestimate the value of investing in yourself in this way!

Explain Why Your Career Gap was Essential

If you have a short career gap, there is a chance that your interviewer will discuss it when they meet you. Prepare yourself to explain honestly to help them empathize with your decision to take a career gap. If you are between jobs while searching for a new position, it helps to start a freelance project or a side hustle to stay professionally connected.

Read Books & Industry Trends

If your industry is going through a transformation due to technological change or a procedural change, equip yourself with the correct information. Read books, articles, and other resources to find out all you can about your industry trends. It will help you better equip yourself to achieve your career goals.

Take Some Alone Time to Recoup

The best solution to burnout is to take some time, step back and recuperate. You can spend some alone time to introspect your career choices, take a vacation, start reorganizing your day to have a free hour every evening, or look for another job where you can work in a better culture.

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Final Thoughts

Everyone faces career challenges at some point, and learning how to overcome them is essential. Whether it means enhancing your qualifications, experience, network, or confidence – there are solutions for everything. All you need to do is to give yourself the time and patience to find the right solution.

Author Bio: Emily Taylor works at Thurman Orthodontics in Fresno CA. She believes that a great smile does more than make a person look great – it makes them feel great as well. The power of a smile has always been a mystery to Emily, and she loves researching and writing about it. She loves to write about everything to do with a healthy bite and a beautiful smile – whether it is ways to achieve it or the importance of it in the various aspects of life. What brings a big smile on Emily’s face is her family and surfing. She also likes to bake, and her children and co-workers call her the cookie fairy!

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