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5 Professional Style Tips For Working From Home

While working from home is convenient, dressing in loungewear all day can lead to that “blah” frumpy feeling. However, you can be comfortable and still accomplish a professional look that works for you and your job, allowing you to feel like your badass professional self.

These style tips can help you boost your work-from-home personal style. See if you can apply it to your life.

5 Personal Style Tips When Working From Home

1 – Choose Versatile Clothes

Is your closet full of baggy pants, oversized shirts, and robes? While there’s nothing wrong with loving comfort, diversity is always good, especially in fashion. The trick here is to focus on clothes that you can easily dress up or down. The famous little black dress is a perfect example of this. Wear it with sneakers when you’re out for chores. Wear it with a necklace and high heels if you’re meeting someone. Plus, you can easily swap your shoes and wear the dress from day to night! 

Here are three important considerations for buying all types of clothes: quality, shape, and style.

Even if they might cost you more upfront, go for high-quality garments because they’re more likely to last. Choose clothes that flatter your figure. Any size is gorgeous; you must know your body type and highlight your assets. Last but not least, show your personality in your clothing choices.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Some of us might have been born fashionistas, but working at home for too long can shackle or even shrink the fashionista in you. You can reawaken your fashion sense by experimenting until you find your personal style again.

Instead of the usual pajama bottoms and sweatpants, consider dressy leggings. And in place of your usual extra-large tee, pair those leggings with a V-neck long-sleeve sweater or a white button-down shirt. Next, play with colors and accessories (more on that later). After all, there is no dress code and no judgey officemates to gawk at your clothes when you work from home. 

Check out these 4 clothing subscription boxes for styling tips and clothing options.

Pro Tip 2: Layers

Layers offer variety and the ease of dialing your look up or down. Wear an open cardigan over a shirt instead of the usual sweater or jacket. It will help you exude a chic fashion style without stopping you from doing your mom and work duties.

If you suddenly need to step out for errands but don’t want to change your comfy clothes, you can wear a fashionable coat or jacket to put together a more presentable look. In the winter, grab the opportunity to show off your other pretty outer layers.

You can also layer your bottoms. For instance, you can wear a skirt or shorts over your fitted leggings. 

2 – Update Your Do

Your crowning glory can make or break your outfit. The good news is that you can get a low-maintenance haircut that looks amazing and saves several minutes daily.

Many working ladies go by the classic bob cut. You can opt for a layered bob for a more edgy look. This cut looks neat and professional but doesn’t require much styling; comb and go!

If doing your hair, or the idea of it, makes you ill (and takes up so much time you often forgo the act altogether), then having an easy-to-maintain hairstyle can go a long way toward helping you feel good and look good without much fuss.

Pro Tip 3:

Invest in a good stylist who can look at your face and tell you what would suit you. They’ll often also take feedback about your life and lifestyle and incorporate that information into their recommendations. Finding someone seasoned and knows what they are doing is worth the out-of-pocket expense.

3 – Accessorize

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend so much money on accessories. Properly chosen jewelry can elevate your look with minimal effort. Even well-designed barrettes or scrunchies can make your getup more lively and interesting. 

If you’re not fond of rings and bracelets, you can pick practical accessories such as a professional-looking watch or a fashion scarf. Don’t overdo it, though. One or two additional pieces are enough. Remember, the goal isn’t to complicate your outfit, but to take it up a notch.

4 – Take Care of Your Skin

The center of every outfit is always your face. Your clients could miss your outfit, but they’re bound to stare at your face when you talk business. That is why making time for skincare is a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.

Aim to enhance your natural beauty by following a simple morning and evening routine, utilizing cleansers, toners, serums/creams, facemasks, moisturizers, etc. Of course, what you use and when depends on your skin and any issues/sensitivity you may have. Consult with a professional before buying expensive products. When you find a skin care regimen that works for you, stick to it.

Pro Tip 4: Minimize Makeup

Keep makeup to a minimum. You’re working from home; there’s really no need for much. However, if you feel you must do something to look a bit more polished or professional, then might I suggest choosing one or two makeup items for your look.

For instance, my go-to is eyeliner. I wear nothing else each day, but if I’m leaving the house or have a virtual meeting, I put on my eyeliner and automatically feel as if I’ve “gotten ready.” It makes me look more awake, and I don’t feel so drab after putting it on.

Choose that one item that makes you feel like you’re good to go and leave it at that. Your skin and your time will thank you.

5 – Mental Health Care

This is less about outward style and more about your inner framework. Working from home is difficult, especially as a parent. Everyone talks about inner beauty in regard to your personality, but inner health can be reflected on the outside as well.

If we’re tired, burned out, unhappy, angry, or frustrated, that all shows up on the outside. Working on your inner health and your mental peace can go a long way towards helping you feel better, feel good, and allow you to honestly reflect that on the outside (without faking it!). That is real style.

So take the time each day to work on yourself. Meditate, speak to a therapist, or do one thing that gives your soul a boost. What makes you strong, beautiful, and stylish is not your skincare routine or eye-catching outfit. It’s your positive attitude

Final Thoughts

Work-from-home life is challenging, but you don’t need to sacrifice your style and comfort. Having a go-to style can help you save time each day getting ready, plus help motivate and inspire you in your work as you’ll feel professional and ready to tackle the day.

Revitalize your fashion sense with versatile clothes, a manageable hairstyle, simple accessories, essential skincare, and a positive outlook.

Happy Styling!

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