stay positive during times of stress

6 Ways to Stay Positive in Times of Stress

Stress is a common emotion that everyone experiences. We stress out about school, work, money, family, relationships, and whatever else we care about.

While stress is common, it isn’t good to get bogged down by it. While each person copes with stress in their own way, We each have different things we stress about and different coping mechanisms. Regardless, knowing how to stay positive can help with managing stress and finding the silver lining in any situation.

Of course, staying positive won’t somehow reverse our course or change the outcomes. But our ability to get through it in a healthy and constructive way depends on maintaining a positive mindset.

Finding ways to stay positive and maintaining positive thoughts can be tough. Here are some ways you can stay positive and get through a stressful period that may come your way.

How You Can Stay Positive

1- Stay Busy

Distract yourself from what is going on around you. Much of what causes us stress are things out of our control. Continuously thinking about them and perseverating can cause more stress and negative thinking, and what’s the point? It’s out of your control anyway!

Instead, work to stay busy with work, hobbies, or tasks around your home. Distract yourself with activities that require your full attention. Set to work getting things done that you’ve wanted to do.

2- Stay Off Of Social Media (or Take Breaks)

It’s important to stay up to date on the news; however, getting sucked into the social media black hole of information is not good. Being constantly surrounded by news, especially bad news, can make you more stressed and make it more challenging to stay positive.

Surrounding yourself constantly with bad news can also perpetuate negative feelings and thoughts, which can hugely affect your mental health. So, take breaks from social media and the negativity and instead focus on creating positive moments in reality for yourself.

3- Take Care Of Your Health


Exercise is a great place to start to reduce negativity and stay positive. It mitigates your stress hormones and releases endorphins leading to calmness and happiness. Plus, it can help you release your tension and relieve stress. Regular exercise also boosts the immune system and enables you to sleep better.

Everyone has different preferences for exercise. Whether you prefer it from home, at the gym, or like to get outside, find what works for you, create a routine and stick with it. Take advantage of all of the resources out there and start exercising your way to staying upbeat.

Eat Well

Stay positive with the knowledge that you can care for yourself, and use the opportunity to continue healthful eating, OR start to infuse this habit into your diet if it’s lacking.

Food is medicine. Use it to your advantage. Eating well can also serve to maintain good immune health and contribute to how well you sleep and your energy levels during the day.

Work to Reduce Stress

In addition to the above, consider yoga, meditation, or the practice of mindfulness. Each avenue can help you re-focus your thoughts and decompress.

Create A Positive Environment

Surround yourself with things that make you happy, help boost your mood and spirit, and help you stay optimistic. Doing this can help stop negative self-talk and help you think positive thoughts despite what may be trying to bring you down.

4- Express Gratitude

Research shows that when you practice gratitude, you can increase your happiness and sense of contentment. One way to do this is to spend time each day to make a gratitude list or keep a gratitude journal: write down, or take note, all the things that have happened that day, or things that you have, that make you grateful.

Doing this can help you find something positive each day and maintain a positive mental attitude. When you take note of all that you have, you realize how lucky you are, and it can make you feel better about whatever situation you’re in.

When you make your list write down the big things and jot down the small ones. For instance, I’m grateful for my hot showers and my stockpile of tea.

Be grateful for the little things, which are just as significant because they make up daily life, giving you comfort and a sense of normality. Recognize and acknowledge those things and give thanks.

5 – Stay Connected With Those That Matter Most

Your social health is just as important as your mental and physical health. Scheduling sessions to chat regularly with your friends and loved ones can relieve stress and give you back your sense of community and belonging while giving you an outlet.

6 – Give Back

Regardless of how difficult life gets, try and find ways to give back. This can be through donating supplies, money, or your time.

It’s hard to stay positive when you feel like you have no control. Giving back can return that sense of control to you and give you positive emotions of fulfillment and satisfaction that you’re doing what you can. Plus, positivity can be contagious. Seeing your smiling face can help a neighbor pick themselves up!

In Summary

Dealing with stress and crises is a part of life. The bad days can take a toll unless you can find a way to get through them in a positive way.

Thinking positively doesn’t mean that you are ignoring the problem. It’s finding a way to cope and handle it so you can get through it healthily and meaningfully. Of course, there are moments when staying positive is impossible; in those instances, don’t ignore your emotions. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel. But when you feel like you need help or are looking for a way to re-focus on the positive, then hopefully this list helps to get you there.

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