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7 Trip Ideas to Plan the Perfect Mother-Daughter Getaway

Last year over $30 billion was spent on Mother’s Day. This year that number is expected to surpass $35 billion. According to the latest polls, 41% of gift-givers prefer to find something that creates a special memory with their mother. If the best memories come from experiences, then it makes sense to plan a trip!

Hot Spots for Mother-Daughter Trips

Some examples of destination cities to consider include:

8 Getaway Itineraries

These travel itinerary ideas will provide a fun weekend for you and your mom. They are sorted based on the getaway type and your mom’s preferences. Use these ideas to get you started, get her input, or finalize it as a surprise!

1. Lover of the Outdoors

Specific destinations that fit this bill include Santa Fe or Taos, New Mexico; Denver or Boulder, Colorado; anywhere in Hawaii, Sedona, Arizona; or consider one of the many amazing national parks the U.S. has to offer!

A sample itinerary could include:

  • Nature-themed accommodations, e.g., a glamping tent, cabin, or lodge; explore local trails and soak in some sun and scenery.
  • Find local activities, either hikes, rock climbing, water sports, or cultural activities to fill your days.
  • Find foodie spots to try local cuisine and drinks.
  • Get outside early for the sunrise, and make some time to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine.

2. Adventurous Foodie

Choose your destination based on the food. Yup, this is a perfectly acceptable way to plan an entire trip!

Sample itinerary:

  • Look up local foodie hotspots at the destination.
  • Stay in a hotel that is centrally located and makes it easy to get around.
  • Make reservations at fancier places that you want to try. Pro tip: if you find a Michelin-star restaurant, consider reserving a lunch table instead of dinner. It’s more affordable and likely less crowded.
  • Try a cooking class to learn about how to make amazing local cuisine. For instance, learn gumbo in New Orleans, crepes in Montreal, biscuits in Charleston, or whip up some bartender-preferred drinks in Vegas.
  • Take some time to explore local food markets and look for unique spices and cooking flavors to take home as souvenirs.

3. Artistic Endeavors

Art can take on many forms. A creative artistic outlet isn’t always just about painting and drawing. It can also involve music, dance, food (see above), and much more.

Sample itinerary:

  • Visit a city or town known for the arts. A few examples would include, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, San Antonio, and Santa Fe.
  • Visit museums, book a show to watch (music or theater), and schedule some time to explore artsy neighborhoods.
  • You can also plan ahead and schedule a trip around an art event. It may not align with Mother’s Day weekend, but it can still work as a Mother’s Day trip and gift!
  • If you have the interest and some excess funds, consider an art auction, could be a new fun experience!

4. Relaxation Focused Getaway

Give your mom the opportunity to really relax and put her feet up with a spa getaway. Find a resort that caters to your preferred spa needs and get ready to be pampered!

Sample itinerary:

  • Every spa resort has a spa. Book massages, facials, and body wraps. Make time for the sauna/steam room. Take more time for a hot tub or pool.
  • Focus on getting good sleep and relieving stress. Eat fresh, organic food and fresh juices.
  • If it’s possible, and is something she’s interested in, consider throwing in a bonus gift of Botox and fillers to target any areas she wants.
  • This is another one where making time for the sunrise and sunset can contribute to feeling fulfilled and relaxed.

5. Visit Wine Country

For a wine-loving mom, a getaway to wine country could be just the ticket. California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys aren’t the only destinations. Consider also, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, along Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, or through the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

Sample itinerary:

  • If possible, you can probably find a vineyard hotel for your stay. Otherwise, find a spot close by that gives you access to a variety of tasting room options.
  • Book wine tours at different wineries; get a sense of how they make their product and then try some!
  • Be sure to eat! Check local food spots to fill your stomach before you try all the wine. Local restaurants often carry local wines, so it’s also another opportunity to sample wine pairings and try wines from wineries you may not visit.
  • Consider an additional gift of a wine club membership for you mom from her favorite winery!

6. Party Animal Vacation

A mom that likes to get loose? There’s a destination for that. We’re talkin’ NYC, Las Vegas, Key West, New Orleans, or Austin.

Sample itinerary:

  • First, get glammed. Make appointments for your hair and nails. Dust off your best party-wear and take plenty of photos to commemorate the night.
  • Go out for a nice dinner and make table reservations at the local popular hotspot.
  • After dinner get your dancing shoes on or get ready for amazing music to listen to.
  • A unique take on this is to pick a trip based on concerts, music festivals or other live events you know she will enjoy.

7. Beachy Vacation

Some moms are outdoorsy, as in they love the beach. So book a beach vacation! Plenty of destinations in the U.S. will work including Miami, San Diego, or Los Angeles. Alternatively, the Caribbean isn’t much further away. A resort on Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic would all be amazing as well.

Sample itinerary:

  • Book a room with a view, hopefully on a hotel that allows you to walk right out onto the beach.
  • Pack a beach bag and hit the sand or pool, ordering waterside drinks if possible and enjoy!
  • Focus on seafood for your meals. You won’t find better than what you can get near the water.
  • Catch sunset at the shore, get some lovely post-sun sleep, and do it all again the next day.

Enjoy Your Time

No matter what you decide to do, where you go, or for how long, a Mother’s Day getaway can bring you closer to your mom and provide some much-needed adventure and fun away from normal life.

Consider these ideas as a stepping stone and plan an amazing trip!

Happy travels!

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