discover your creative outlet

Discover Your Creative Outlet. Chances Are You Already Have One

We all have a creative side. You may not think so, but that’s probably because you need to expand your definition of creative.

Creativity includes anything that helps you think outside the box and make it your own. There’s creativity and art in the traditional sense, but then there is also food art, the art of dance, and artistic writing, to state a few examples. In other words, you have a creative outlet, and now it’s time to pinpoint it and nurture it as you would any other side of you.

Why Creative Outlets Are Important

Creativity helps us to use different parts of our brains. A creative outlet can also be a way to meditate, shift your focus, and de-stress, while keeping you busy, off your phones, and away from toxic people.

In addition, working on your creative side can help you expand your mind, expose you to new ideas and allow you to view the world (and your problems) from a different perspective.

Research shows that partaking in creative outlets “creates stronger social relationships, reduces stress, and allows us to develop a deeper appreciation for the world around us.” In other words, there’s no downside to discovering and nurturing a creative outlet. In fact, it’s highly encouraged.

But how do you know what your creative outlet is? Or if you have that side of you? You likely are already engaging in creative endeavors and don’t even realize it.

Here are some creative outlets to consider, try, or maybe recognize that you already have.

Examples of Creative Outlets

Here are some ideas of how you can stimulate your creativity.


There are multiple different types of art forms and art is inclusive of so many different categories. For instance:

  • Painter/sketch artist
  • Sculptor/pottery
  • Carver (of wood or stone)
  • Creative arts like acting, dancing, or performing
  • Photography

Art is an expression, and it’s not just confined to paint and canvas. In addition, even if you don’t do the activities yourself, you can still immerse yourself in the culture. For instance, if you appreciate dance but can’t do it yourself, you can attend dance recitals and concerts.

If you can’t paint, you can volunteer your time at an art museum and appreciate what’s there! If you have enough time, you can take it a step further and help with the curation of unique pieces.

Photography is another great option to try on your own. As you progress and grow your skills you can start developing your own film!

At-Home Crafts

Some creative outlets allow you to make something from scratch that you can actually wear!

  • Knitting
  • Sewing
  • Crochet
  • DIY decor

These are easy to start with if you don’t already know how to do them. YouTube videos have tutorials, and kits are available for purchase that walk you through how to create something.

If you are the type to see beyond what meets the eye, then DIY might be for you! Buy old items and refurbish them into something useful and new; take what’s different and combine it to make something that works. Check out flea markets, online bargain shops and see where your creativity takes you!


For many, creativity comes in the form of creating new shapes and pictures and putting together different colors and schemes.

  • Interior design
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design

You can work with family and friends to gain experience, practice and get the bonus of quality time with the people you love best!

Outdoor Creativity

A creative, out-of-the-box thinking gardener or landscape artist can bring the world’s beauty to your backyard.

  • Gardener/landscaper
  • Outdoor Decor

Start with your favorite flowers or herbs and expand into other plant life that interests you. Design an outdoor space that you love and supports your creativity.

In The Kitchen

Cooking is a science and also an art. Creating new recipes, and experimenting with different flavors, textures, and spice levels is all an art.

  • Baker
  • Cook
  • At-home bartending

For bakers, it’s the same. Finding ways to make dessert healthier or decorating your goods in unique and fun ways are examples of creative outlets.

If you’re of age, enjoy the occasional cocktail and like experimenting, then get to mixing some drinks! There are no limits to the fun you can have trying different flavors with different spirits. Start with your favorite alcohol and see what kind of drinks you come up with. Alternatively, consider attending bartending classes, or tastings.

For those with sophisticated taste buds, consider wine tastings or classes to become a sommelier. Master the fine art of discernment with amazing wines.

With Words

Anyone who can put pen to paper (or keyboard to Word document), draw you in, and keep your attention is an artist in their own right. Speaking your words on a podcast is another way to tell a story and reach an audience.

  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Storyteller
  • Podcast host

You can further develop your skills by taking classes or online courses for creative writing. For Podcasts, you can listen to and find ways to be invited to speak on them as a way to practice and see how it’s done.


Anyone who creates music can reach your soul. Putting together different lyrics, notes, and sounds is an artist that knows no bounds.

  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Musician
  • Composer

Nurturing this creative outlet can be practicing your lyrics and poetry, taking voice lessons for your preferred instrument, and investing in software to compose! The options are endless.

If you can’t do it yourself, consider buying tickets to your favorite composer, singer, or musician for the symphony-orchestra.

How To Discover & Cultivate A Creative Outlet

Protect your creativity. Chances are you already have a creative outlet, something you do for fun that helps you balance out the stress and busyness of life. If you do have one, recognize it and be intentional about making time for it.

Dig Into Your Past

If you are unsure of what kind of creative outlet you could use, then focus first on what you already know. Perhaps you took part in extracurriculars growing up that you enjoyed. Or you may have some hobbies that have fallen by the wayside that you could revive. Alternatively, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but could never find the time for, then this is a great excuse to do it!

Make Time

When you find what you enjoy, make time for it regularly, for instance, once a week or once every few weeks. Setting aside protected time ensures that you do it. Then once it becomes a habit, you’ll come by it naturally and reap the benefits!

Share Your Interests

You can help keep yourself accountable for your new hobby by sharing your progress online. One of the good things about social media is that it allows you to share and include others in your interests.

It’s easier to continue on in extracurriculars if you have others do it with you, so take to the media and get the creative juices flowing! Follow local artists or institutions, like museums, that share in your hobbies. Doing so can help stimulate your creativity and also build a community around what you love.

The Cost Of Creativity

Of course, hobbies can be expensive. Taking lessons, classes, and purchasing supplies can add to the cost. One way around this is to shop used. Check out online spots like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp. Sometimes, what others are getting rid of is what you need to get started!

Another avenue is to shop sales, off-season events, or flea markets. Plus, don’t look around your own home! You may already have what you need to start. Speak to family and friends. If they have similar interests, you can share the cost of supplies for what you need.

In Summary

Being creative or artistic can mean anything that allows you to use your imagination. It’s an opportunity to think outside the box.

We all have a creative side. However, this definition often gets contorted to mean only artistic creativity. These examples here show that creativity can come in many different forms. Be sure to develop and nurture whatever speaks to you or what you already have.

There is no downside. The benefits are great and for a lifetime.

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