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Tired of High Hotel Prices in 2022? Book Resort Room Suites at Redweek Instead

With food, energy, and gas prices increasing, how can you afford vacation accommodations when their price tag is also rising? I’ve got a trusted, popular booking website that many people don’t know about that can save you money when booking global resort chain hotel rooms. It’s called Redweek.

Tired of Airbnb’s Increasing Fees? Try Redweek Instead

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If you’re a traveler who prefers the space of an Airbnb, but these fees make rentals too expensive, there are more options out there for you to book vacation condos. One of them is Redweek. When Airbnb launched 14 years ago, travelers loved to book home-like vacation accommodations cheaper than hotel rooms. Fast forward to today, and between higher nightly room rates, increasing cleaning charges, and Airbnb corporate fees, their prices aren’t always less than booking a fully-stocked multi-room hotel suite.

Image Credit: Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

What Is Redweek and I Can I Trust It?

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Twenty years ago, Randy Conrads loved staying in timeshare resorts but was reluctant to make a long-term commitment to owning one. At the same time, he noticed that many timeshare owners were looking for ways to rent out their unused timeshare. So he created Redweek, named after the timeshare industry term for the most in-demand weeks of the year.

Now it’s the most prominent online timeshare marketplace where 3 million people read resort reviews, list their timeshare, or rent one from an owner. As someone who has used their site before, I feel confident recommending them to others not just because of their A+ Better Business Bureau rating, but as a place where you can score a room at sold-out resorts or save serious money on accommodations.

Image Credit: Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

How Much Are Rooms Discounted at Redweek?

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When you book a timeshare rental from an owner on Redweek, you save 30 to 50% off the hotel price. Individual timeshare owners set the cost of their rentals, so you really can secure resort reservations at a significant discount.

“We were skeptics, of course, on renting from a timeshare owner. BUT, we stayed at The Omni Cancun for five nights, and [the timeshare owner] was a wonderful owner to work with. Everything went according to plan, with no problems whatsoever. Just want everyone to know that we had a pleasant experience using this website and could not have taken such an expensive vacation without the affordable rates timeshare owners can offer by renting out their weeks,”

Gaye on Redweek’s testimonials page.

Image Credit: Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

So Redweek Offers Timeshare Resort Rentals?

redweek rentals four seasons

Yes, but it’s not what you’re probably thinking about timeshares. Instead, today’s timeshares are fully stocked condo rooms in some of the most in-demand, award-winning resorts like upscale global hotel brands Hyatt, Westin, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, even The Four Seasons, and The Atlantis.Image Credit: Redweek.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Vacation at One of These Traveler Favorite Resorts

redweek rentals

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on resort accommodations that you’ll be disappointed in. So whether you’re looking to take a road trip vacation or a bucket-list trip to Hawaii, take a look at the top resorts booked and requested by travelers like you on Redweek last year.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club & Aruba Ocean Club

redweek rentals

The most booked and requested Redweek resort is the Surf Club section of Mariott’s Aruba property. Perched on an ideal spot along Palm Beach’s white sand beach, this expanded resort has one of the best locations on the island. From studio apartments to three-bedroom condos, a waterpark-like pool with a lazy river and waterslide, it’s not a surprise that travelers love this resort.

People looking for a smaller-scale resort on Palm Beach often book into their Ocean Club section with its pool and stunning grounds.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas

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It’s not a surprise that this Southern California resort spread out across 75 lush acres was the second most popular resort on Redweek last year. This upscale Mediterranean-style hotel in Laguna Beach has stunning Pacific Ocean views and many amenities for adults and families. Soak up that California sunshine at one of five pools, tennis and basketball courts, or their golf course. Families praise their kids-only pool, on-site putt-putt golf, and luxury condo suites with full kitchens, washer and dryers, and outdoor space to enjoy the views even from the rooms.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club

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One of Oahu’s most beloved family resorts is in the gated Ko Olina resort community that also houses Disney Aulani and the Four Seasons. For families who like the convenience of direct flights into Honolulu International Airport but prefer fewer crowds than Waikiki, Marriott Ko Olina is a resort that seemingly offers it all less than one hour from the airport. Families with young children praise the calm waters of the beach lagoon, endless daily activities, multiple pools, and large condo-style rooms.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club & Lahaina Villas


Once people experience a vacation at Maui Ocean Club or its neighboring property Lahaina Villas, they return repeatedly. When staying here, it is common to meet people staying for weeks and hear tales of families who have been coming annually for ten or even 20 years.

With 16 waterfront acres across Kaanapali Beach, the island’s famous beach, its location is not only stunning but convenient. Families enjoy the massive pool complex, with a special section for young kids. Its newer area, Lahaina Villas, offers larger units of two and three-bedroom suites ideal for larger families or large groups.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes

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While over 19 million people visit Myrtle Beach’s 60 miles of beachfront a year, guests wouldn’t know it at the quieter yet conveniently located Marriott Grande Dunes. Part of the 2,200 acre Ocean Watch community, this resort offers so many family-friendly amenities that you could stay on-site for your whole trip. Regular winners of awards like Best Hotel in Mrytle Beach and Best Family Resort in Myrtle Beach, it’s also the only hotel on this list within one day’s drive for more than 50% of the U.S. Population.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Ocean Pointe

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This ocean-front resort on Singer Island east of Palm Beach beautifully combines high-end hotel amenities with comfortable home-like accommodations. This five-building resort complex offers condo rooms as big as three bedrooms. It is conveniently located 30 minutes from Palm Beach airport yet feels like a world away.

Image Credit: Redweek.

The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas

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If you’re looking for an upscale Kaanapali Beachfront resort with tons of on-site family-friendly amenities but also has an epic spa, take a look at this traveler-favorite. They are featuring not just culturally-based children’s programs, stunning pools and grounds, their iconic Havenly beds,  but a 10,000 square foot spa.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Grande Ocean

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Hilton Head Island is one of America’s top ten family beaches, and Mariott’s Grande Ocean is one of the best family-oriented resorts on the island. With a prime beachfront location on the Southern part of the island, there are four pools and even a drop-off kids camp if you’re like to try your hand at one of 33 world-class Hilton Head Island golf courses or take some time for yourself.

Image Credit: Redweek.

The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas

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Another stunning Kaanapali beachfront resort effortlessly blends luxury, respect for Hawaiian culture, gorgeous grounds,  and a 10,000-acre pool area with the relaxation vacationers crave. Nanea in Hawaiian means “to pass the time in peace, relax, and lounge contented.” After reading their 5-star reviews, this resort appears to be living up to its name.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort

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If you’re planning a non-theme park Orlando vacation or a partial-theme park trip, look at the award-winning Wyndham Bonnet Creek. Set on Disney property, this resort has so many fun-filled activities that kids often prefer to stay and play at its five pools, two lazy rivers, and a pirate ship water play area. Large families, multi-generation travelers, or family reunion groups enjoy their large units up to 4 bedrooms.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Crystal Shores

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If you’re craving a trip to the Caribbean’s white-sand beaches and turquoise waters but prefer to stay in the United States, Marco Island is the domestic destination you’re looking for. South of Naples, Florida, this regularly sold-out resort sits on some of the only developed lands in the area’s barrier islands, combining luxurious accommodations with the best of southwestern Florida.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Barony Beach Club


Located in the north part of Hilton Head Island, this resort has long been a favorite of families. Travelers with younger children praised the shaded, zero-entry pool, and golfers appreciated its location. The property is across the street from the Cobb-designed Barony Port Royal Barony golf course, making it that much easier to slip away from a round of golf.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s MountainSide at Park City

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The only mountain resort in Redweek list of top resorts, this Park City ski-in ski-out hotel is so close to Park City ski resort that the lift passes ten feet outside the building. After a day on the slopes, relax in large condo units with fireplaces or the pool, sauna, and steam rooms.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

A Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice award winner, this Palm Beach waterfront resort is beloved by travelers. Unlike other area resorts, its property is surrounded by protected lands, a butterfly sanctuary, and a lagoon, helping guests forget that they’re right in the middle of it all.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club

redweek rentals

Another family-favorite resort, this south Kauai resort, is located on the #1 ranked beach in America –  Poipu Beach. Spend your day watching whales, admiring native wildlife, or snorkeling with sea turtles steps from the hotel. Between the lush and tropical landscaping, waterfall-filled pools, and Garden Isle views, you’ll feel like you’re in the Aloha state.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers

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Marriott BeachPlace Towers is popular so it sells out quickly. Situated on top of a convenient 3-story mall, every single room in the resort has either an Intercoastal Waterway or Atlantic Ocean view. Despite being in the center of the Fort Lauderdale strip, you don’t hear any of it in your relaxing, spacious room or at the pool. Enjoy all the included daily activities, kids club, or walk to the Water Taxi stop behind the resort parking deck to explore all that The Venice of America offers.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Hyatt Ka’anapali Beach – A Hyatt Residence Club

Offering more of a residential vibe in a typical tourist region, the Hyatt Ka’anapali Beach is praised for its relaxed, calm setting and gorgeous, large pool area. Within walking distance to Whaler’s Village, numerous restaurants, and Drums of the Pacific evening entertainment, it’s possible to enjoy an upscale Maui vacation without a rental car.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Harborside Resort at Atlantis

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Did you know that there’s a timeshare section of the beloved Atlantis resort that offers the conveniences and amenities of an apartment, but with all the benefits and privilege of staying on property at The Atlantis? Owned by Marriott Vacations Worldwide, these timeshare accommodations are located across The Atlantis’ Marina. They are ideal for those who prefer to cook their meals or spread out in a quieter part of this iconic Paradise Island Bahamas wonderland.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove

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If you’re looking for a secluded Caribbean getaway that doesn’t require a passport, this U.S. Virgin Island resort is a beautiful mix of Danish and British architecture inspired by the nearby historic town Charlotte Amalie. The resort spreads across 13 acres with a secluded beach and picture-perfect views.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon Tower


This ultimate family resort is called a village for a reason. With 3,000 guest rooms in multiple towers set across 22 acres of Waikiki’s best beachfront, this quintessential Oahu resort has so many awards it takes up an entire page on their website. The beloved Lagoon Tower is next to the kid-favorite beachfront Duke Lagoon and offers large studios to three-bedroom condos.

Image Credit: Redweek.

The Royal Sands


When a resort receives the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice awards two years and is a favorite of Redweek users, it is worth a serious look for your next vacation. This Cancun beachfront resort is a top pick for families, couples, and group getaways. While the resort has a long list of on-site activities, guests can also visit the other five Royal resorts in the Cancun area on a complimentary shuttle and resort hop during their stay.

Image Credit: Redweek.

Marriott’s SurfWatch

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Not your average Hilton Head beachfront resort, it integrates the land’s natural beauty into its property. Imagine walking from your oversized two-bedroom suite through tree-lined boardwalks to its three pools, common outdoor gathering areas, and the gorgeous beach.

Image Credit: Redweek.


North Kihei aerial shot

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