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Things To Do In Singapore

There are plenty of things to do in Singapore but you can see most of it within 2-3 days as we did. Singapore was the last stop on my way back home after stopping by India and Kuala Lumpur. I’ve always wanted to go here for a couple of reasons.  One, it just seemed like a beautiful city with plenty to see, and, two, my parents used to live there.  Going with my Mom, she was able to walk down memory lane, share stories of her time there, and show me some of the spots that she remembered and describe how they’d changed or even looked the same! For anyone considering it, I highly recommend stopping by Singapore if you’re in the vicinity of the South Pacific. 

Things To See And Do In Singapore

Spectra: Light and Water Show

This is free and a must-see.  Across from the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a mall.  If you get dropped off opposite of tower 3, walk into and walk through the mall to the other side, you’ll come upon the other side of the bay.  There are steps there leading directly to the water.  Find yourself a seat and sit back and enjoy the laser show.  It starts at 8 pm each night and lasts for 15 minutes. The final show is at 10 pm.

Light and water show @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We saw this and then had a quick bite to eat at the food court inside.  I thought the food court was unlike any other I’ve been to; it had tons of options, including desserts, and you’ll have the opportunity to find some authentic, award-winning Singaporean style dishes.

Gardens by the Bay, Plus Light Show

This was one of my favorite things to do in Singapore and was also high on my bucket list. The gardens are actually artificial.  The trees are covered in wires and then plants are planted amongst the wires and the branches made to weave through them.  It’s essentially a vertical garden, with the addition of beautiful lights that turn on when the sun goes down.  I found it to be truly unique and such a fun and different thing to experience.

Hang out in Clarke Quay

This little area has rows and rows of bars and restaurants, great music and a younger crowd.  So if you’re looking for a night out, this area is probably the easiest and with the most options. As a bonus, if you need a break from drinking and to walk off all that food, you can take a walk along the water and enjoy the views and the weather!

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The Zoo

I didn’t do this, but my cousins did and they loved it!

Sentosa Island

A short drive from the city, Sentosa is an island that will give you access to beaches and Universal resort in Singapore.  At Universal there are several options, from the aquarium to museums, to an actual Universal Studios grounds itself.

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The Ferris Wheel

This was actually closed when we were there, I’m assuming for maintenance.  Hopefully, if you visit, it’ll be open and you’ll get a chance to go!

The Merlion: Singapore’s iconic statue

Merlion mini statue in Singapore
Merlion mini statue!

Make sure you include this on your things to do in Singapore list. This iconic statue sits in the bay in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. While we were there the actual statue was under construction/maintenance, but a smaller, more easily accessible version was there for all our photo-taking needs. By the way, it’s called Merlion because its the head of the lion and body of a mermaid.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark (Observation Deck) and Drinks

If you’re looking for a laid back activity or thing to do in Singapore in the evening, then I recommend the Skypark. We did this on our last night and I felt like it was the perfect time to do it.  Pay for your tickets ahead of time, skip the lines and head on up.  The Observation deck is accessible by Tower 3 of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and gives you panoramic views of the city; it’s amazing. 

One of the best things to do in Singapore: View of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands Hotel Skypark
Views from the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands hotel

One deck level up is a restaurant/bar available for you to sit back, relax, have a snack and drink while taking in the views.

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Drinks were pretty good!

Other restaurants are up there as well, however are accessible only from the other towers. So the rooftop is not connected throughout; to go from one end to the other you first have to go back down to ground, enter another tower and then go back up.

Singapore and Shopping

One of the favorite past times and things to do in Singapore for locals and visitors is to go shopping. The city is full of high end merchandise. You can also have quality, budget-friendly souvenirs, but you have to know where to go. We got our souvenirs in Little India, on a street called Sarangun Road.  It’s a long street filled with mostly Indian wares and jewelry, but the souvenir shops are great.  We were also able to bargain for better prices and get a good deal by combining purchases.

Chinatown is another option, and then there are alllll the malls. 

Chiangi International Airport

I know this sounds like a weird thing to do in Singapore, but the Chiangi International airport was recently ranked as one of the best and more beautiful in the world.  So if you take a trip over, build in some time to wander around and capture all your Instagram moments!

Just a hint of what Singapore’s Chiangi airport has to offer


Depending on what you want, Singapore has a diverse array of options.  Much of their food is heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine, but Singaporean dishes have their own twist and much of it leans towards seafood. 

For Indian cuisine, head over to Little India.  Chinese and other unique items can be found in Chinatown.  By unique items I mean I saw various animal intestines up for sale.  I’m not brave enough to go that far, but for anyone feeling adventurous, you’ll definitely have the chance to stretch your foodie wings. 

Final Thoughts

Singapore is a great stop on any trip to the area. There are plenty of things to do in Singapore and you’ll never be bored. Be sure to add this destination to your bucket list!

Happy Travels!

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