Things to do in cabo san lucas, mexico

12 Best Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Located a bit further west and at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a fun long weekend getaway destination worth visiting at least once. There are several things to do in Cabo to keep everyone entertained, whether you’re traveling with family and friends or embarking on a solo adventure.

Getting There

Things to do in cabo san lucas, mexico
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The airport is about 1-2 hours away. Once you arrive, you’ll need to have transportation booked to take you to your place of stay. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Super Shuttle shared ride vans.

Keep your confirmation information, and once you leave the airport, look for the Super Shuttle representatives. They’ll place you in a van headed toward your hotel. You’ll have to share the van with others going in the same direction. Depending on where you’re staying, you will be dropped off along the way.

You can book this when you head back home as well. Just be sure to call Super Shuttle to confirm the pick-up from your hotel or place of stay.

The Cabo Vibe

things to do in cabo san lucas
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There are two parts to Cabo: Cabo San Lucas, which we’ve all heard of, and San Jose Del Cabo. Together they are referred to as Los Cabos.

Each town is tourist-friendly, with plenty to do, but each has its own unique vibe as well.

Cabo San Lucas is a resort town with luxurious stays, nice dinners, tourist-friendly amenities, and a robust party scene. On the other hand, San Jose is a quieter area with more local charm and laid-back vibes.

Your choice of where to stay can differ depending on what you’re looking for in your trip. However, Cabo San Lucas, from here on referred to as Cabo, is the more popular destination with more options. That’s what we’ll explore here.

Best Times To Visit

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Given the year-round warm weather, there is no wrong time to visit Cabo. The only things to consider are that it’s a popular spring break destination, and other long holiday weekends are also generally busy.

Taking that information into account, you can plan your trip on other random weekends or around the time of year when you’ll have a chance to experience unique events (e.g., whale watching).

12 Best Things To Do In Cabo

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Add these to your bucket list for the trip. You won’t regret any of it!

1. Stay At An All Inclusive Resort

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Everywhere in Cabo, you’ll find resorts catering to every luxury level. You’ll find a range of amenities, including pools with swim-up bars, infinity pools, nighttime music events, complimentary room service, and so on.

One of the best perks of going to a resort town is that all-inclusive options are also aplenty. Consider picking one of these so you can spend time at your hotel worry-free, credit card free, and enjoy as much food and drink as you’d like.

2. Go Whale Watching

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Depending on the time of year, whale watching is a big deal in Cabo. These magnificent creatures will surely show up and provide excellent photo ops!

3. Do A Dinner Cruise

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Get tickets for a cruise that includes dinner, drinks, the possibility of seeing some whales, and sunset views. Most also have some entertainment on board with dance-offs, comedy, and friendly competitions.

4. Sail Past Arco De Cabo

things to do in cabo san lucas
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The Arc is one of the best Cabo San Lucas activities. It can be done while on a dinner cruise or via a specific coastal tour boat from Cabo. El Arco De Cabo (also known as the “arch”) is a natural rock formation in the middle of the water and is an iconic landmark. It’s a lovely backdrop for all your photos, and the colors are amazing if you catch it at sunset.

In addition to sailing past it, you can find tours that allow you to dock on the island rock formation and hike around it.

5. Parties

things to do in cabo san lucas
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As mentioned earlier, Cabo is a party spot. No matter how old you are, you can enjoy the scene as everyone has options.

6. Food & Drink

things to do in cabo san lucas
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When in Mexico, you must try all things local. Branch out outside your all-inclusive resort to see what the town restaurants offer. Look for authentic, locally made guacamole, tacos, margaritas, and any other of your favorite ethnic dishes. Given that it’s a coastal city, you’ll also be able to access fresh ceviche and seafood dishes.

Mexico is also home to tequila. Find ways to try the different types and use it as an opportunity to learn more about them from the locals.

Find the whole in the wall restaurants to get the most authentic experiences. While you’re at it, practice your Spanish when ordering!

7. Experience The Music

things to do in cabo san lucas
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The resorts and local restaurants all have options for listening to and watching live local music. Imagine hearing a different sound and experience what the locals love!

8. Cabo Pulmo National Park

things to do in cabo san lucas
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A bit out of town on the eastern tip of the Baja Peninsula is Cabo Pulmo National Park. This marine national park is a world heritage site, home to the only coral reef on the west coast of North America and Baja’s only coral reef.

A day trip there gives you options to hike, dive, snorkel, and view underwater life, including humpback whales, whale sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and more.

9. A Glass Bottom Boat Tour

things to do in cabo san lucas
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When you have access to clear Pacific ocean waters, it makes sense to want to see what’s underneath the surface. Glass bottom boat tours allow you to do just that and avoid getting into the water (if that’s what you prefer). View underwater sea life, coral, and the general calm and serene part of the globe that we otherwise don’t see.

10. Water Activities

things to do in cabo san lucas
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If you’re adventurous enough, consider booking some time in the water and not just on it. Water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and kayaking are all available. You can book these from your resort or buy tickets in advance through online booking companies like Viator.

11. Visit Playa del Amor

things to do in cabo san lucas
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Also known as Lover’s Beach, Play del Armor is located on an island and is accessible by boat. The secluded beach is offset by limestone rock formations. It is a prime romantic getaway location and a perfect thing to do in Cabo with a significant other.

12. Go Golfing

things to do in cabo san lucas
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There are several golf courses along the coast. From each, you get views of the Sea of Cortez and surrounding mountains. Even if you aren’t a golfer, this might be an activity you’d want to add to your vacation to-do list.

In Summary

things to do in cabo san lucas
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There is something for everyone in Cabo. You can opt to spend your vacation at your resort, stay local, or do a hybrid. No matter what, the trip will give you unique experiences and positive memories of a vacation well-spent.

Whether you’re traveling by yourself, with family, friends, or a significant other, you’ll definitely find things to do in Cabo.

Happy Travels!

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