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Secret Deodorant Empowers Women’s Financial Well-Being during Financial Planning Month

In an admirable move to support women in securing a stress-free financial future, Secret Deodorant is making waves during Financial Planning Month this October. The brand is taking action to provide young women with essential resources, including affordable mental health care and financial education.

Recent statistics have revealed that while making significant strides in various aspects of life, women still face significant challenges in managing their finances. 

According to data from The Center for American Progress, in 2022, women found themselves navigating a financial landscape where they were:

  • Less likely (at 79 percent) than men (at 84 percent) to be able to pay all their bills on time and in full.
  • Less likely (at 52 percent) than men (at 56 percent) to be able to cover three months of expenses with emergency savings.
  • More likely (at 15 percent) than men (at 12 percent) to have increased their usage of credit card debt.

Secret’s Solution

Last Spring, Secret Deodorant introduced its financial advisory board at the New York Stock Exchange, marking the beginning of a robust financial wellness initiative. This month, they’re extending their efforts by launching two critical components:

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective Partnership

One of the most pressing challenges young women face in achieving financial security is the toll it can take on their mental health. Secret Deodorant has partnered with the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective to address this issue head-on. 

This partnership will offer young women access to affordable mental health care, aiming to alleviate the mental stress caused by financial concerns. Secret generously sponsors thousands of subscriptions, ensuring these resources are available to those who need them most.

The initiative reflects a commitment to empower women financially and emotionally, recognizing the holistic nature of financial well-being.

Secret U

Understanding that financial literacy is a key to financial independence, Secret Deodorant is launching “Secret U.” This educational platform is designed to support young women as they embark on their journey toward financial independence. 

Secret U provides foundational tools, including free worksheets and video tutorials curated by highly renowned financial experts. By offering these resources, Secret Deodorant aims to empower young women with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions, thus helping them secure a brighter financial future.

These initiatives demonstrate Secret Deodorant’s dedication to women’s financial well-being and mental health, addressing the challenges young women face today. 

As part of their commitment, they’re putting boots on the ground by launching “Secret U” at universities in Texas, recognizing the importance of reaching young women at the outset of their independent financial journeys.

Empowering Women through Live Conversations and Expert Insights

Secret Deodorant, a longtime advocate for women’s equality and advancement, has joined forces with Seneca Women, a global leadership platform that amplifies women’s voices. Together, they hosted a live, on-stage conversation at the New York Stock Exchange, featuring an alliance of financial experts. 

This dynamic event aimed to empower young women to take control of their financial wellness by providing practical, tangible advice tailored to Gen Z women’s specific needs and concerns.

The event was a remarkable gathering of financial experts, each with their own unique expertise:

  • Carmen Perez: Creator of the MUCH budgeting app, which assists individuals in managing their money and paychecks.
  • Marsha Barnes: CEO and founder of The Finance Bar, dedicated to helping individuals begin their journey toward financial wellness.
  • Berna Anat: A Financial Educator and hype woman who specializes in assisting BIPOC and first-gen individuals to feel seen and empowered in finance.
  • Jamila Souffrant: Founder of Journey to Launch, offering guidance for individuals seeking financial freedom.
  • Giovanna Gonzalez: Founder of The First Gen Mentor, a resource aimed at assisting first-generation students and young professionals of color to manage their finances confidently.

Empowering Women Through Education and Resources

To ensure this initiative reaches young women across various platforms, Secret is rolling out its campaign in multiple phases. The first phase, already underway on social media under the hashtag #SecretMoneyMoves, provides financial literacy content. 

This content delves into the intricacies of essential financial matters, such as creating a budget, paying off debt, negotiating your first salary, and understanding your credit score. By leveraging social media, Secret reaches a broader audience and makes financial education more accessible.

Secret Deodorant has also partnered with Prosperity Now, the nation’s leading racial economic justice organization. Prosperity Now’s mission revolves around driving economic opportunity for all, creating equitable economic power, and addressing systemic barriers that have historically excluded specific communities. They do this through research, advocacy, policy development, and narrative change.

Addressing the Financial Stress Faced by Women

Financial stress is a leading concern for women, and it significantly impacts Gen Z and Millennial women. Women of color often face intergenerational and systemic barriers that exacerbate financial stress. 

Secret Deodorant recognizes the importance of financial empowerment, enabling women to harness resources that will allow them to reach their full financial potential.

Secret’s Bold Mission

Secret’s mission is clear and unwavering: to encourage women to prioritize their financial well-being and ignite a conversation about financial literacy and education. 

Their goal is to enhance access to financial training resources and encourage young women to pursue a stress-free financial future. By 2030, Secret aims to empower millions of young women to conquer financial stress, ultimately improving their financial well-being and contributing to equitable wealth for all women. 

The conversation about finances starts here, as Secret Deodorant takes meaningful steps to make a difference in women’s lives across the nation.

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