Oystering & Untyping. The New Dating Trends Taking The World

Our relationship status does not define us; however, for many singles, this is the driving force behind dating and meeting people.

The idea is to help anyone going through a breakup to let go of what happened and move forward freely.

What is Oystering?


A 2022 survey by Badoo revealed that over three-quarters of singles would like to date outside their usual type.

Terrain Map

So, What Do These Trends Mean?

These trends are telling us that it’s essential to define what we’re looking for so that we don’t lead anyone on or waste time on fruitless dates. 

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Make the Most of Dating This Season

Whether you’re coming out of a relationship or warming up after a dating hiatus, use this time to reflect and grow.

Learn from past mistakes, understand what drives you, and consider where you want to go next. Push your comfort zone and give someone new a chance.

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