Some of the best attractions around the world are the airports themselves! These are some of the best from around the world to take a moment and see.

In Terminal 2, a 10-century-old runestone is on display. These were large memorial stones created throughout Scandinavia starting in the Bronze Age—when Sweden became Christianized

Leading into and out of Salvador Bahia Airport in Salvador, Brazil, are picturesque tunnels created by curved, live bamboo. 

Home to the world’s first airport butterfly garden. Located in Terminal 3, the garden is two stories high and features a variety of tropical plants and a waterfall. Roughly 40 species of butterflies live in the garden, free for flyers departing from or arriving at the airport.

Featuring two “great eagles” with wingspans of 15 feet, the giant birds hang suspended from the terminal’s ceiling, with a staff-wielding Gandalf sitting astride one of them.

Famous for its collection of Dutch masterworks, sends a small, rotating collection of paintings to the Schiphol location so visitors who don’t have time to leave the airport can still get a glimpse of the country’s most famous artwork

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