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Need Gift Ideas For Your Single Friends? Check Out SinglesSwag Box

What is SinglesSwag box? It’s a curated box sent to your home with random fun, stylish, full-sized, and hand-selected products that a single person may like to use or have. It’s all about the single lady and trying to help her with some self-care.

You can purchase the box as needed month-to-month or set up a subscription service. A similar thing you may have heard of is BirchBox.

I kept seeing ads for Singles Swag all over my social media so I finally decided to give it a shot. This article reviews the box and gives you a better idea of what your money gets you!

About SinglesSwag

As the name implies, Singles Swag is geared toward fabulous single women. According to the company, they aim to create and share happiness for single women by helping them with their outlook and attitude. The products they deliver are meant to help you “look and feel beautiful” and inspire and empower.

How SinglesSwag Works

You can choose between two different-sized boxes.

The large box has 7-8 full-sized products, and the small box (Singles Swag Petite) has 4-5 full-sized products.

You can buy a box whenever you like each month, or you can set up a SinglesSwag subscription box service and receive one on a regular basis for 3 months or 6 months in a row. If you purchase a longer subscription, the cost of the box each month is reduced.

The products that are sent in each box include fun trending fashion accessories, best-selling books, organic bath products, and fun snacks and delicious treats.

How Much It Costs

For the large box, the cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Monthly purchases are $39.99
  • If you buy a 3-month subscription, the total is $114.99 (or 38.33 per month – save $5)
  • If you buy a 6-month subscription, the total is $224.99 (or 37.49 per month – save $15)

The Singles Swag petite box costs are as follows:

  • Monthly purchases are $24.99
  • If you buy a 3-month subscription, the total is $71.99 (or 23.99 per month – save $3)
  • If you buy a 6-month subscription, the total is $139.99 (or $23.33 per month- save $10)

As you can see, neither box is super expensive, and given that they give you full-sized products, I thought it was worth trying out. According to the company, the full-sized products’ retail value is often upwards of $200 +. If you do decide to go with a longer-term subscription, you can cancel anytime. First box purchase promo codes are available to help you further save.

In addition, with a referral link, you can get $15 dollars off your first box.

My Singles Swag Experience

I ordered my box and got it within a few days (pretty timely). I decided to go for the large one so that I could test out the most products.

What Was In My Box?

My box was a mixture of different things. It included:

  • One gold bracelet
  • A single-serving bag of popcorn
  • Bronze-colored liquid eye shadow
  • Green tea face cream
  • Hand lotion
  • A Bento Box
  • A spa sponge
  • An essential oil roller applicator

The video of me opening my box is here:

What I Think About The Products

These are all products that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself. That being said, I also tend to live frugally and avoid spending money I don’t need to. I’m all about self-care, but my choice of spending is simply different.

I do appreciate, though, the products that were sent in the box. The lotions are nice and smell good. The bento box will come in handy and is functional and practical. The spa sponge is a great at-home self-care experience. I don’t really wear bracelets, but I think I could pass them on and use them as a gift for someone else.

The one thing I didn’t like was the eye shadow. I tried it on, and it felt sticky long after it had dried. Every time I blinked, I felt like my eyelids were sticking. I could feel it the whole time I was wearing it. I’m not a huge make-up person, but I know that’s not how make-up is supposed to feel.

I also thought the popcorn, or sending food of any kind, is pointless in a box like this. The caveat is if the food is something unique and different or if it’s chocolate.

Pros and Cons of SinglesSwag

Some pros of the Singles Swag box are:

  • It’s affordable
  • You get full-sized products
  • You get a variety of products

Some cons of the box are:

  • You can’t choose the products you want
  • You can’t review the box before it’s sent
  • There is no survey to figure out what each individual person may want or may be looking for in regard to self-care.
  • You can’t return products you don’t like

Overall Review

There are some clear pros and cons of a box like this. However, a box like Singles Swag is an easy and affordable way to try products you wouldn’t necessarily think of for yourself. It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone with different makeup, different lotions, or different aspects of self-care.

You just have to be aware that you’re stuck with what you get, or some things may not suit you. I’d consider this box as an experiment and maybe look at it as a little self-care boost to treat yourself every now and again.

Happy Shopping!

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