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10 Careers Women Confessed They Actually Enjoy Doing!

Looking for a career that brings joy and fulfillment can be challenging, but hearing from women who have found careers they love can be inspiring. In a recent discussion on a popular online platform, several women shared their experiences of finding and thriving in careers they enjoy every day.

1. MRI Technologist

According to the first user, being an MRI technologist is an amazing career. The person expressed that they enjoy working with advanced technology to capture stunning images of anatomy and pathology through elegant and fascinating physics.

2. Costume Maker/Wardrobe Manager

A costume maker/wardrobe manager for film and theatre shared their love for their work, saying that every project brings new challenges, skills, and colleagues. The user has been fortunate enough to work on long and short contracts, and their passion for the job is evident. The person pursued a specific degree in costume construction to prepare them for the career.

3. R&D Lab Technician

As an R&D lab technician, one user is passionate about creating cosmetics and other beauty products. The user shared that their art background initially landed them a job at a cosmetics lab right after college, where their color expertise proved an asset.

With more experience under their belt, the user was able to secure higher lab positions at various cosmetic companies. Their work in the lab has been fulfilling, and they have even been inspired to further their education with a chemistry degree.

4. Clinical Scientist in Genetics

A clinical scientist in genetics revealed that they love spending their day analyzing data from patients’ DNA to help diagnose rare genetic diseases. They find their job incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as they work towards positively impacting people’s lives by providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

5. Server/Bartender

As a server and bartender, this person enjoys the flexibility and social interaction their job provides. They appreciate being able to stay physically active and find sitting at a desk all day boring. Despite the negative stigma associated with their profession, they take pride in their work and the good money they make.

6. Veterinary Technician

Being a vet tech was something other than what this person had initially thought about, mainly because of the lower pay. The user shared that after working a few unhappy jobs, they decided to pursue a career working with animals, and it has been a great decision for them.

The aspect of the job they enjoy the most is that it is always exciting, and there is always something new to learn. They find satisfaction in using their hands and body, and the job offers them a stable learning environment.

7. Librarian

As a librarian, this individual loves helping people and empowering them. One of the things they enjoy about their job is that the library doesn’t charge its patrons (except for printing), making it a safe space for many people.

They find that the library requires nothing from its visitors except courteous behavior, which is important for them. The individual hated their old job, so they took a step back and thought about what they loved doing when they were 10, reading and hanging out in the library.

8. Carpentry/Film Crew

One individual confessed to enjoying two careers: carpentry and working on a film crew. They stumbled into both occupations by chance but loved the combination of physical labor and artistic creativity involved in each job.

9. Attorney

An attorney shared that they work for a nonprofit doing advocacy work and finds their job satisfying and fulfilling, as it allows for constant use of their brain, creative problem-solving, and helping people in meaningful ways.

10. Federal Policy Analyst

Another person stated they are a federal policy analyst working to hold the government accountable for wrongdoings, misconduct, and corruption. They find their job impactful and enjoy the creative problem-solving skills it requires.

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