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Be the Owner of a Red Ferrari

This is a unique story of confidence, growth, and life lessons from a chance encounter with a red Ferrari.

My Encounter With A Red Ferrari

I was out to happy hour with a couple of my friends one night. As we were leaving the restaurant, I saw this beautiful red Ferrari. Upon closer inspection, we realized it was illegally parked in front of a driveway.

We found this hilarious and perfectly adequate given the kind of car it was and, by association, what the owner must be like; in other words, a confident male, likely arrogant, with places to go and people to meet who Does. Not. Care. 

Parking in that location was like a taunt as if he was saying:

“I DARE you to tow my car; TRY and give me a ticket;

MAKE me move it.”

As we walked away, we discussed how no one would likely take the man up on his dare. The challenge was so apparent that it would probably not be faced.

The Ferrari Brand

The Ferrari brand is recognizable all over the world. From building great sports cars to great engines to the persona that follows the brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of thinking and being.

To embody a confident and self-assured persona, you don’t need a red Ferrari, a sports car, or even a red car. You need to get out of your way, remove your self-doubt and let your true confident self emerge.

Ferrari is a great car with numerous accomplishments. However, the car came first, and the persona followed.

In the same way, if you work on yourself first and your confidence, your “I don’t care what people think” persona will follow.

The Lesson

What We Want

I’ve had conversations with these same friends about starting a business. I know many professionals who are seeking other ways to make money. So many people out there are looking to develop side hustles and be their own boss. The goal is financial independence and professional freedom to work because we want to and not because we have to.

If a side business isn’t your thing, I bet there’s something else you’d like to do, start, or try your hand at.

What’s Holding Us Back

Going back to that group of friends, these same people also feel apprehensive about moving forward with their vision. What holds many people back from starting such ventures is fear, lack of confidence, uncertainty about the risks involved, and the idea that we don’t know enough to be successful.

It’s hard. Speaking for myself, I was raised by risk-averse parents, and I’ve trained in a risk-averse field. One of the draws of a medical career is job security. You put all of that on the line by venturing into something new, dividing your attention, and investing your hard-earned dollars into a high-risk venture.

What We’re Missing Out On

As with anything, if you put in the work, success should follow. You may fail, but you will definitely learn valuable lessons. As any successful person will tell you, failure is just another part of the path to success. There is no success without risk, no winning without trying.

There is no getting away with parking illegally without having the confidence just to DO it.

The Takeaway

Now, I’m not saying we should go around seeing how many laws we can break; no matter what you decide to do, if you leap, if you choose to stay on your path, the point here is we must emit confidence and dare anyone who stands in the way of our success.

We have to stop caring about what people think and be fearless in following our goals and ambitions.

We must be the owners of a red Ferrari.

Pinnable image courtesy of unsplash.

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