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10 Ugly Marriage Truths People Hate Talking About

Marriage is a complex and challenging relationship that requires constant work and attention from both partners. The reality is often far different from the fantasy ideal of people finding their soulmate and living happily ever after. Recently several people shared honest truths about marriage that people may be reluctant to discuss but are essential to understand for anyone considering or currently in a committed partnership.

1. Abandonment in Illness: Why Some Husbands Leave

According to one person’s observation, it appears that spouses facing a terminal or life-altering illness are more susceptible to abandonment by their husbands. Husbands gave reasons for leaving their wives, citing an unwillingness to care for them, a need for fulfillment that their sick partners couldn’t provide, and a desire to avoid the financial burden of medical expenses.

2. Roommates or Soulmates? The Danger of Complacency

It’s often said that familiarity breeds contempt, and in the case of married couples, it can also breed complacency. One insightful user shared how easily couples can slip into the trap of behaving like roommates, going through daily life without truly connecting with their partner. The danger lies in the fact that this shift can occur so gradually that neither partner even realizes it’s happening until it’s too late.

3. The Unequal Workload: A Hard Truth in Marriage

According to one individual, regardless of how progressive and forward-thinking your partner is, the workload in a marriage will not always be divided equally between the two partners. Typically, it falls on the woman to put in more effort and do more work, which can breed resentment in her over time.

4. Little Things Matter: Small Missteps, Big Damage

Wisdom can come in small packages, as someone else pointed out, when discussing the nuances of a lasting marriage. They recognized that it’s often the small, seemingly insignificant missteps that can accumulate and cause the greatest damage in the long run. A tiny pebble causing ripples in a still pond, such as ignoring each other’s needs or failing to communicate effectively, may not seem like a big deal at the time.

Still, they can create resentment and emotional distance between partners over time.

5. Pressure to Procreate: The Constant Questioning

Many in the thread wrote that after getting married, people seem more interested in knowing when the couple plans to have kids. The question often starts on the wedding day and continues to come up in conversations with family and friends. For some couples, the pressure to start a family can be overwhelming, particularly if they’re unprepared or have alternative plans.

6. Money Matters: The Impact on Marriage Success

Although money can’t buy happiness, as one person pointed out, it can certainly impact the success of a marriage. Being on the same page is crucial for couples looking to achieve common goals, especially when it comes to finances.

Divergent spending or saving habits can create a minefield of obstacles that can make it difficult to navigate the road ahead. And if that wasn’t enough, the user also highlighted the reality that people change over time, sometimes in unpredictable ways.

7. Planning for the Worst: Considering Challenges in Marriage

Someone responded that it’s important for couples to consider the worst possible scenarios that could happen in a marriage, such as infidelity, the death of a child, severe illness, disability, job loss, and bankruptcy.

They emphasized that it’s likely that more than one of these challenges will occur throughout marriage and that it’s crucial to consider whether both partners are capable of managing them.

8. It Takes Two: The Delicate Balance of Happy Marriage

The path to a successful marriage is paved with good intentions, but as one user pointed out, it won’t work if only one person puts in all the effort. No matter how much we may pour into a relationship, two people must keep it afloat. The hard truth is that even the most devoted and diligent partner can’t make up for their spouse’s lack of effort or commitment.

This sobering realization speaks to the delicate balance to sustain a long, happy relationship.

9. Poverty and Marriage: Straining Relationships

Several thread contributors shared that poverty can often strain a marriage and cause a loss of love between partners. Financial struggles can lead to tension, stress, and fights, ultimately damaging the relationship. Couples must work together to overcome financial difficulties and communicate openly about money matters to avoid this situation.

10. Truth About Love: No Couple Loves Everything

Marriage can be beautiful, but it’s not always sunshine and roses. As one insightful user pointed out, there’s a certain brutality to the truth that no couple will love everything about each other. Even the most compatible of partners are bound to have habits or quirks that can sometimes be downright annoying.

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