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10 Careers These Women Are Really Happy They Did NOT Pursue

Career aspirations can change as we grow older and gain new experiences. In a recent discussion, several women shared their former dream careers that they are now grateful they didn’t pursue.

1. Zoologist

According to one user, being a zoologist was their former dream career. However, after two semesters of studying, the idea of being paid minimum wage to breed or feed animals, or to track them in the wild, lost its appeal.

2. Lawyer

The second user shared their initial aspirations of venturing into the legal profession. Nonetheless, upon witnessing the strain and discontentment of lawyers, the user had a change of heart.

The user recounted the story of a friend who appears to be perpetually besieged by stress despite earning a fortune as a divorce attorney. While the lucrative nature of the job is tempting, the user couldn’t be more grateful for dodging that bullet and steering clear of a path that could make their life miserable.

3. Flight Attendant

Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the skies as a flight attendant, only to realize that the reality of the job may not align with your desired work-life balance?

One individual shared their experience, saying that the constant traveling makes it difficult to maintain relationships with friends and family, and holidays are often spent working instead of celebrating. The user stated that being able to sleep in her bed every night was a more appealing lifestyle.

4. Paleontologist

Another person reflected on their former dream of becoming a paleontologist. Despite their fascination with the prehistoric world, they soon discovered that the job required a lot of fieldwork and writing scientific papers. They quickly realized that their dream job was less glamorous than they had initially imagined and that there was much more to it than just drawing pictures of dinosaurs.

5. Wedding Planner

From dreaming of creating the perfect wedding day to realizing it was a nightmare, one user shared their experience of how planning their wedding quickly extinguished their passion for becoming a wedding planner.

They realized that dealing with bridezillas, crazy family members, and drama was not something they had the patience for. It also made them realize that their passion was not in event planning but rather in something else entirely.

6. Dolphin Trainer

A user in the thread had a childhood dream of becoming a dolphin trainer, but after watching a documentary about captive dolphins during high school, their perspective changed completely.

The documentary depicted the harsh reality of how captive dolphins were separated from their packs and trained while the rest were slaughtered for meat. After watching this, the user realized how horrible and depressing the life of captive dolphins could be, and they now refuse to consider any aquatic animal training.

7. Psychologist

The desire to help others and the fascination with the human mind led one to dream of becoming a psychologist. Still, the user quickly realized they might become overwhelmed and burnt out from hearing everyone’s problems. The thought of continuously listening to people’s struggles could be emotionally taxing and not something they were prepared to handle long-term.

8. Singer/Dancer

According to some, their childhood dream was to become a singer or dancer, but they were dissuaded due to the perceived lack of stability in artistic careers. Looking back, they are glad they didn’t pursue that path and opted for a research career. They feel fulfilled knowing that their work contributes to the advancement of science and medicine, and they take pride in their sense of responsibility.

9. Teacher

Becoming a teacher never appealed to a specific user due to their impatience and lack of desire to interact with children all day. The person shared that despite the stability and decent pay of the profession, they realized it needed to be a better fit for their personality. However, they remain open to changing their mind in the future.

10. Architecture

Finding their dream career took a lot of work for the final individual. After obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture degree and intending to become an architect, they soon realized that the job was less glamorous than they once thought.

The long hours and lower pay led them to accidentally stumble into engineering, where they found better pay and a greater appreciation for their work. Though the job can still be demanding, the compensation and recognition make it all worthwhile.

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