Things To Do In Tulum, Mexico

Despite being a huge draw  as a beach resort spot,  there are plenty of other  things to do in Tulum  to satisfy your travel needs 

Day 1: Arrive, And Getting To Tulum

The best way to get to Tulum  is to first fly into  the Cancun airport. 

Day 2: Local Exploration

Tulum is made up of  the downtown area and  then the area of all the  beaches and resorts.

Terrain Map

I highly recommend going on foot just to have the opportunity to shop, check out the street vendors and try some of the very cool restaurants

White Bag

Day 3: Things To Do In Tulum, At And Away From The Beach

Tulum Ruins - You can easily book a tour for a day trip that will take you to a couple of different Tulum Ruins

Cenotes - Cenotes are by definition a natural pit or sinkhole that results from collapsed bedrock.

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