Why You Should Channel Your Inner Harvey Specter

What makes Harvey Specter so Great

What sets Harvey Specter apart, though, in my mind, is his underlying personality.  He’s not only fiercely loyal but does everything he can to keep his word. 

Finding your confidence

Confidence is not just believing in yourself. It’s KNOWING yourself. If you know you’re living life in a way that’s true to you, nothing anyone says can affect you.

Align your actions with your values

Because if your actions are aligning with your values, then you’re already winning and everything else will fall into place.

Terrain Map

Stand up for what you believe in

Standing up for your beliefs, even it’s just in a normal conversation where you disagree with someone and say so, can contribute to your sense of self.

Recognizing that you are unique

White Bag

Your goals may be the same as someone else’s, or you may do the same job as someone else, but your approach, your style, and your experiences are unique.

We All Have an Inner Harvey

Figure out who you are, be nice to yourself, and don’t be afraid to show the world. We need all the uniqueness in this world that we can get.

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