Whiskey: Experience Something Different

I thought it might be fun to put together a brief guide on whiskey for beginners from a Max point of view, which I plan on updating as I make discoveries.

Whisky Vs. Whiskey

The spelling of whisk(e)y is different based on which region the spirit is distilled. In general, “whisky” is the official spelling everywhere in the world, with 2 big exceptions, Ireland and America, where it’s spelled “whiskey.”

Why Whisky Is An Excellent Drink

Incredible variety Much like wine, the whisky world is full of unique varieties and flavor profiles.

Terrain Map

Special experience

Anticipation comes from learning about the next bottle, tracking it down, and then having that first sip.

Quality over quantity

White Bag

I like the fact that I can sip on a dram of Scotch slowly and happily, without feeling bloated afterward.

Superior value

Believe it or not, I consider Scotch to be a cost-effective drink over other alternatives.

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