What to Look For in a Partner in 2023

Dating is hard. You have to find someone you're attracted to, compatible with, can live with, and can tolerate for long periods of time. Certain traits are more important than others. Here's what to look for in a partner.

Icing & the Cake

Often we look for things like attraction, looks, job status, or social status.  But that's just icing. Those things don't necessarily mean the personality is solid.

What you want is the cake

The cake is the best ingredients in a partner: kindness, compassion, support, someone who will take care of you and be there when you need them.

Look For What Matters

White Bag

Each person has a different sent of wants and needs. Be sure that you look for long-term, solid traits that will last a lifetime.

Terrain Map

Understand that no one is perfect

Compromise is necessary, but make sure you aren't compromising your values or yourself for a partner.

Focus on your cake

Focus on what matters, what will make you happy and keep you secure in life. Everything else is icing on top.

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