Unique Girls Weekend Getaway Ideas for the Summer!

A girl’s weekend can do a lot to help you unwind, refocus, reconnect with your people, and just get refreshed.

What follows are some girls weekend ideas so that you can plan a break for yourself and your squad! Many of these are close to home, and some are truly unique!

Getting Started

I recommend you should have a theme for your weekend…or at least I suggest you start here.

Terrain Map

Caribbean  Island Getaway

I think this ends up being equidistant for a lot of people and serves as a great beach getaway.

Spa Trip

White Bag

There are actual spa resorts out there where all you do is pamper yourself. Can I get a hell yes.

Yoga Retreat

Mindfulness is a big deal nowadays, and we don’t do enough of it. This helps not only with relaxing but with reconnecting with you are.

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