Like Taking Pictures? Here’s How You Can Make Money Selling Photos Online

If you like taking pictures and are looking for another income stream, think about selling photos online. There are tons of options and a low barrier to entry. 

Selling Photos Online 101: How to Start

Before you ever think about selling photos online, you might want to first consider the quality of your photos, your editing skills, and the uniqueness.

Make sure you first invest in:

1. A decent camera with multiple lenses. 2. The right photo editing software. 3. Yourself, i.e., reading up and researching photography courses, videos, and articles.

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9 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Photos Online

1. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro is one of the best options you can leverage when it comes to selling your photos online.


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Shutterstock lets photo sellers determine copyright rules and determine photo privileges. They pay out each month.

Etsy Photo

The positive with selling photos on Etsy is you set your price and keep 96.5% of the profit (they keep 3.5% of all sales).

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