The Road To Success: The Struggle is Real

The struggle is real and the reality of achieving success – however you define it – is much tougher than just hard work and persistence. 

Sleepless nights

Professionals accumulate lost sleep over the years. The loss is due to stress and anxiety about exams, presentations, wondering if I’m good enough.

Diets falling apart

When you’re not able to maintain the healthy lifestyle you want, it contributes to further stress and more lost sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

Terrain Map

The Toll on Your Health

It doesn’t end; but you do learn to cope and deal with it and try to manage it by reducing your stress through sleep, meditation, exercise, and trying to eat better.

No social life

White Bag

On top of that when you’re tired, stressed, hungry, and filled with self-doubt, you don’t necessarily make the best company.

No dating life

When so much of your time goes towards your career goals, you have little time for dating. The caveat is if you get lucky enough to meet someone through your work.

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