The Best Places Abroad for Digital Nomads

With the recent workplace trends, allowing people to work remotely seems to not only be a requirement but also is highly desired. Take advantage of digital nomad life and live abroad in these areas.

Benefits Of  Remote Work

- No commute  - The ability to live anywhere   - Flexibility   - Cultural Immersion 

What To Consider As A Digital Nomad

- WiFi connection and    capabilities  - Walkability/public    transportation  - Cost of living

Terrain Map

Best Places To Live  And Work Abroad

Lisbon, Portugal - It’s not the cheapest place to live however, it is cheaper than in neighboring countries.

Medellin, Colombia

White Bag

The cost of living and weather are definitely bonuses, with rent for a 3b/2ba apartment that’s unfurnished running about $400-$1000 per month.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has all of the best parts of Asia with street food, vibrant culture, beautiful temples, and palaces

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