Stay Organized & Safe: 6 Top Picks for the Best Travel Wallets

Some things are more important and indispensable. Those items should be placed carefully in your travel wallet.  The kind of wallet you carry matters!

RFID Blocking technology - This protects your identity by preventing anyone from remotely scanning the wallet's contents.

Characteristics of a Good Travel Wallet

Easily Secured

The last thing you want is stuff falling out of your wallet. Get one with secure buttons, or a wrap around zipper.


It goes without saying that you need to protect your documents from the elements!

White Bag

The Best Wallets on the Market

There are several that have all of the required features. The next question is what's your style and your budget?  Click to see different examples!

Travel Safely

No matter which wallet you choose, make copies of important documents. Leave a set with family/friends, and another in your suitcase for safety!

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