Skin Care Tips to Combat Dry Skin

Our skin takes a huge hit in the winter.  I feel I’ve managed to figure it out, so here are some winter skin care tips that will hopefully help you as well!

For Dryness First, Hydrate.

Hydrate some more. Then hydrate again. Buy a large flask if it helps.

Then, Moisturize.

If you don’t have a good moisturizer, get one. The best over-the-counter product I use is CeraVe.

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Consider  Hydrating Serums

Reach out to friends and see what they use, check out reviews online and do some experimenting to see what works for you.

Hydrating Masks

White Bag

Doing this perhaps once a week can help moisturize skin greatly. Plus, with a facemask on you’re kind of forced to relax – nothing better for your skin that some R&R!


Exfoliating is important.  It’ll help you remove that peeling/dry skin, and exposed skin is more likely to absorb your creams and serums.

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