Relieve Stress And Get Better Sleep With These 8 Tips

I’ve listed some simple ways to lower stress that you can hopefully incorporate into a daily routine, or if not, perform them regularly.

1 – Gym Time

Exercise can not only offset the effects of cortisol but also aid in stress relief by helping to let go of whatever negative thoughts plaguing you, to focus your thoughts (or empty your minds) and leave you with no choice but to just relax.

2 – Yoga And Breathing Exercises

Doing relaxing yoga moves and postures, and deep breathing exercises is a great way to relieve stress, calm down, quiet your thoughts and lower your blood pressure.

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3 – Meditation

The whole idea with meditation is to focus on something outside of your stressors. By doing so you’ll relieve stress and start to relax.

4 – Therapy

White Bag

Positive selftalk can go a long way towards helping you manage your stress response and improve your ability to maintain your daily relaxation techniques.

5 – Shut Off Social Media And Reduce Screen Time

Getting off of social media, and shutting out the external noise of what we should be doing, seeing, wearing, etc, is a great way to relieve stress that we both create for ourselves and carry throughout the day.

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