Oystering: The New Dating Trend Explained

Everyone is told what to do while dating. However, a new dating trend has taken over singletons. Oystering. Get ready for a new era of dating.

What is Oystering?

Coined by UK dating app Badoo, oystering is what to do after a dating hiatus:  treating the world as your oyster

This means doing exactly what you want while dating.  This could mean looking for a relationship, dating many people at once, or dating yourself.

How does Osytering apply to dating?

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Is this really a trend?

Yup, most singles out there are excited to enter the dating pool, and they are just as excited to do dating as they want to - without societal expectations.

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Untyping: dating outside of your usual type, especially if your usual type has never worked out for you.   Learn from past mistakes and try something new!

What else is trending in dating?

Oystering & Untyping

There is plenty of data out there to show that what people want is changing. Click to see the statistics and what's on the mind of singles today!

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