NFT Marketplace Explained, PLUS 10 Best for Beginners

NFTs are nonfungible tokens. This mean digital media with  underlying code that cannot be duplicated. So you know that what you are paying for is authentic. The NFT marketplace is one way to get started investing.

Where do you get NFTs?

Investing in these unique digital items can be done via the NFT marketplace. There are several to consider when getting started.


This NFT marketplace is free to use and offers up several cyrptocurrency wallets. So you can use crypto for your purchases!


White Bag

This NFT marketplace platform links artists with buyers and uses Ethereum as it's main crypto.

Terrain Map


This player is relatively new to the NFT marketplace and provides an avenue for trading, buying or selling of gaming and sports NFTs.


This unique options gives you access to virtual land, gaming and art!

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