If You've Been Told You're Intimidating, Read This

There are just different personalities out there, and different levels of comfort. I’m not easy to get to know. I know that and I own it. 

Don’t Change

Don’t alter your behavior or actions to try and “fix” how you come across. Again, I’m not saying you should be purposefully harsh or scary.

Don’t Take It Personally

When I am thinking clearly, it’s obvious to me that there’s nothing wrong with me, and I don’t need to do anything to “fix” this.

Terrain Map

Be Proud Instead

They’ll be challenged, they’ll be in awe, hopefully, they’ll be inspired, or perhaps they’ll learn something new.

Being Intimidating Is Not A Bad Thing

White Bag

I see it as, I have skills that maybe they don’t, I have confidence that maybe they lack, or I’m doing things and accomplishing goals that they are not able to.

People who are intimidating are also ones that get noticed, that people pay attention to. In which case, you have the ability to influence people and maybe even help them out!

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