How to Make Your Own Dating Rules

There are a lot of dating rules out there on how to act, when to have certain conversations, or do certain things with someone. I say we throw it out the window  & make our own dating rules.

Sleeping with someone by the 3rd date Not being the first to text, or no double texting Waiting a certain period before sending a message Not being honest about feelings Holding back to not appear needy

Some Common Dating Rules We Run Into

Why Do These Dating Rules Exist?

We've been taught that we have to do these things to find someone AND keep them interested.  However, real feelings don't require games and intrigue.  They require honesty and openness and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Terrain Map

First, Be Honest With Yourself About What You Want

You'll never find what you're looking for if you don't even tell yourself.  Understand your own wants/needs before you date so that you can be honest with others!

Focus On What's In Front Of You

White Bag

Other's opinions have no place in your dating stories. Ignore what anyone else is doing, and focus on doing what's right for you (and your date!)

Final Thoughts

Never do anything that doesn't feel right, or that makes you feel rushed. It's not worth it, and the number one rule is always to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

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