How To Lock Your Credit – And If You Should 

If you’re worried about identity theft or deal with a lot of online transactions then knowing how to lock your credit can come in handy. Here’s a guest post on how you can do so and if you should!

What Is A  Credit Lock?

Locking your credit is a preventative measure you can take to prevent any person or agency from accessing your individual information.

How Do You Lock Your Credit?

You will need to request locks for each credit report to prevent all credit checks as you navigate your way through, avoiding identity theft.

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How To Unlock Your Credit

When you are ready to unlock your credit, you will be able to log in and unlock your file with only one click.

When You Should Lock Your Credit

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You can always air on the side of caution and freeze or lock your credit as a proactive measure.

How A Parent Can Freeze A Minor’s Credit

Putting a freeze on your child’s credit is a free way to restrict access to their personal information.

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