How to Get Over Jet Lag Symptoms Quickly

Jet lag symptoms can ruin any vacation by disrupting your sleep and making you too tired to enjoy yourself. Here's how to combat it and get over it quicly!

Preventing Jet Lag

- One way to deal with jet lag is to prevent it from happening.  Do this by planning your flights so that you land at night time, avoid alcohol & caffeine on the plane, & stay hydrated while flying

Treating Jet Lag Symptoms

Often, though, jet lag is unavoidable. You can treat it by: Staying hydrated, avoiding caffeine, strict bed time hours, no naps, and using sleep aids.

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Symptoms of Jet Lag

Daytime sleepiness, but awake at night. Change in appetite, headaches, constipation/diarrhea, even nausea

Create a Jet Lag Kit

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If you struggle with this no matter what, then make a small kit of jet lag treatment essentials to take with you. It can help you remember what to use and help you get over it quickly!

Final Thoughts

As annoying as jet lag can be, it is treatable and you will get over it. Don't stress about it and focus on being relaxed and having fun - it will help you get good sleep too!

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