How to Buy NFTs: 5 Steps for the New Investor

NFTs are a unique new investment to diversify your portfolio. Here is how you can get started in the spaced. 5 Tips for new investors on how to buy NFTs!

1 - Purchase Cryptocurrency

NFT purchases are done via cryptocurrency exchange. If you don't have crypto, find a reliable source and start investing in it first.

2 - The NFT Marketplace

The marketplace is where you can start using crypto to purchase NFTs.

Top 3 NFT Marketplaces to Consider

White Bag

Opensea Axie Marketplace Crypto Punks/Larva Labs

Terrain Map

Find Your NFT!

Know your budget and see what's available within that. There are options for everyone.

Double and Triple Check

Anything new should be taken slowly and seriously. Double check everything before you purchase and keep solid records of what you do!

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