How To  Ask For A Raise in 2022

Let’s destroy the “You vs. Them” dynamic and learn how to get your manager on your side when learning how to ask for a raise.

First Things First – Prepare

- Know Your Worth - Create A List Of    Accomplishments - Use The Internet To Find    Similar Salaries

The Best Time To Ask For A Raise

When asking for a raise, anytime after 12 months from your last raise is the right time.

Terrain Map

Particular Circumstances To Ask For A Raise

- After Completing A Big Project - When Your Manager Is Happy

Set Up The Meeting

White Bag

An email is a controlled way to establish a future time to discuss salary, state a couple of big wins since your last raise, and most importantly, provides your manager time to mull over the idea.

Tips For Your Salary Meeting

- Don’t make it into a presentation - Be Confident and Specific About    Your Raise -Practice What You’re Going To       Say 

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