Dating Stories: Don't Ask Me To Be Your Sugar Mama

Dating is hard nowadays. I have plenty of stories to tell to support this. This one is all about how someone asked me to be their sugar mama. No thanks.

Think opposite of sugar daddy. Basically a woman who takes care of you and funds your life. 

What is a Sugar Mama?

The Sugar Mama Story

A very successful guy asks me out through an app. We meet for drinks and apps.  Immediately it's obvious he's not interested in actually dating. After a tortuous conversation he says: ok fine, we can get married so long as you pay for everything. Me: I'm not your sugar mama, nor do I need a sugar daddy.

Terrain Map

Word to the Wise

If you're not ready to date, don't go out on dates. If you are dating to pass the time, show some respect for the person you're with.  They are spending their precious free time with you, the least you can do is talk like a normal person.

Note to Women

White Bag

Get up and walk away. I should have done this early on in the date. But my niceness decided to stick it out. It's not worth it.

Final Thoughts

No matter how independent a woman is, she is deserving of respect. No matter how much money she makes, she wants to know her partner will be able to take care of her - the way she will take care of them.

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