Channel your inner Harvey Specter

If you haven't seen it, the TV show Suits is a great watch.  Harvard educated lawyers and the drama they encounter in NYC's corporate world.  The main character, Harvey Specter, is the center of it all

Harvey Specter is what everyone should have inside him or her. Read on to see why!

His confidence

Harvey embodies the confidence we should all have in ourselves and in those we work with.

His integrity

Even in the cut-throat corporate world, Harvey strives to remain fair and good. His moral compass may not be perfect, but he works to stay true to himself.

He stands up for what he believes in

He's never afraid to speak his mind and tell it as it is.

Actions aligned with values

He follows what he thinks and believes and holds everyone around him to the same standard.

Everyone has an inner Harvey Specter! Find yours and be the best version of you.