How to Celebrate Single's Awareness Day

It's the day after Valentine's Day! It's meant to celebrate those that are single, and help you embrace the single life.

First: What is Single's Awareness Day??

Any way you like! It's not just about you, but your relationship with yourself, and those in your life that you find important.  Read more to see how!

How can you celebrate?

Celebrate with friends

Gather up your single friends and show your appreciation for each other!

Celebrate with Family

When you're single, sometimes family is all you have to lean on.  Show them you care, and plan a fun filled day with them!

Celebrate with yourself

Be your own date for the day. Take yourself out (click to see some great ideas!) Buy yourself something nice Make yourself a priority!

This day is for you, your relationship with yourself and all the good things you do for you. Being single isn't a curse, or a bad thing. It just is and if it makes you happy, it's definitely worth the celebration!

Celebrate you!

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